“Old” elbows: how to restore their tone and youth?

Do a simple test: relax your arms, straighten them along your body and turn your back to the mirror. Is the skin overhanging around the elbows, rough and dark? Even if you answer yes to just one question, it’s time to sound the alarm, unless, of course, you intend to permanently abandon T-shirts and short-sleeved dresses.

The skin in the elbow area suffers not only due to age-related changes – the cause of damage can be such dermatological diseases as atopic dermatitis (it can be provoked by intolerance to certain products), neurodermatitis, psoriasis. Because of this, it becomes rough like emery and flakes. But most often dryness is a consequence of improper care. If from your youth you have not taught yourself to regularly lubricate your elbows with cream for the company with your hands, over time, alas, they will become rough. The good news is that you can restore your skin softness. A simple technique will help. Take a hard washcloth or wide nail file and scrub dry elbows well. Then apply any nourishing cream to your skin. To enhance the effect, you can wrap your elbows with cling film and leave for an hour, and then remove the remnants of the product with a paper napkin. “If your elbows are too dry, don’t scrub. First, it must be intensively moisturized, and only then scrubbed, – advises Natalya Kustova, a cosmetologist at the TORI clinic of aesthetic medicine. For this, hyaluronic acid-based care products are suitable. “

Darkened skin on the elbows is most often a sign of insulin resistance. This issue needs to be resolved with an endocrinologist. “If a young woman of 30-35 years old has pigmented elbows, it is necessary to treat internal somatic diseases and take medications inside, for example, Omega 3, after consulting a specialist. That is, to restore the balance of nutrients in the body, – says Natalia Kustova.

There is practically no fatty tissue on the elbows, so if the skin sags, the creams will not bring the desired result. “When the skin loses its elasticity, drugs are able to restore it, which stimulate collagen production and tighten it,” adds Natalia Kustova. Of the hardware techniques, I would recommend Scarlet RF, Altera high-frequency radiolifting – they are able to tighten the skin. They can be combined with injections (eg Radiesse, Sculptra). And in order to properly moisturize the skin, I advise you to connect biorevitalization. After laser resurfacing with Fraxel or Halo, the skin becomes elastic. By the way, it only needs to be done once. ”

The skin of the elbows must be monitored constantly. And it’s not just aesthetics, elbows are an indicator of the state of the body as a whole.

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