Onychophagia: the hypnotherapist’s tips to stop biting your nails

Find out when you bite your nails

To get rid of a bad habit, you must first be fully aware of when it is expressed. More often than not, you may have a tendency to bite your nails unconsciously and you don’t realize it until the moment you have your hand in your mouth. Even worse ! You might think you bite your nails when under stress, but you find yourself doing it even when you’re relaxed. You just need to be focused on something or lost in your thoughts. And now you are still biting your nails!

Does this mean that you will never be able to get rid of this bad habit? Not necessarily. In fact, when you bite your nails while seemingly relaxed, your subconscious is probably knitting with an underlying preoccupation. Maybe you were thinking about your next meeting at work? Or Maxime’s strange behavior at lunchtime? Either way, you have a real difficulty letting go mentally.

The key to stopping nail biting: relax

The important thing is to relax. Relaxation techniques help to release chronic tension. The more mentally relaxed you are, the less subconsciously you will be tempted to contract your muscles for repetitive mania. And nail biting is part of it, as is teeth grinding or skin disease. Through hypnosis, you can change your unconscious habits and access a state of general relaxation. Breathing and muscle relaxation are used to help ease your physical and mental stress patterns. Hypnotherapy is a brief behavioral therapy that works on the patterns of your cognitive strategies. In other words, it can go a long way in helping you make the changes you need!

Set up a counter-habit and release tension through hypnotherapy

During hypnosis therapy for the management of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), it is possible to set up a contra-habit. This is an answer incompatible with your unwanted habit. For example, if you bite your fingernails, you might tend to look for small skin around your fingernails when they are too short to bite. With hypnosis, it will be possible to focus your attention on something else. For example, getting into the habit of subconsciously clenching your fist so that the fingernails are not accessible. After a while, you will lose the reflex to try to gnaw them.

Do you bite your nails often? But what’s behind it? Often an OCD is used by the unconscious to free itself from a load that it cannot express otherwise. If this is your desire, in hypnotherapy, it is possible to quickly support unconscious blockages in order to facilitate change. Hypnotherapy is not magic, but it can be life changing!

Thanks to Cléa Jordier, hypnotherapist certified and validated by the Medoucine network.

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