oriental types of makeup that Olga Buzova chooses

Today, in order to change, you don’t even need to cut your hair or dye it in a different color, because it is enough to remember the tricks that help you easily look in a new way. One of these is makeup.

Buzova Makeup

Experimenting with style and make-up is what helps you look fresh, stylish and fashionable every day. Even world-famous stylists and makeup artists who work with the stars of the first magnitude recommend at least sometimes experimenting so that the image does not seem boring and familiar. Although many women who have found the perfect type of makeup for themselves, stick to it for many years. But there are exceptions, and among them is Olga Buzova.

Cool make-up Buzovoy

A celebrity experimenting with makeup so often that you can follow trends in her looks, because she is one of the first to try them on herself. We have collected the types of makeup that Buzova prefers most often. There is something to be inspired by! And they are also fairly simple options that every woman can repeat.

In beige and brown tones

One of the most popular types of makeup that Olga Buzova practices is in brown tones. Eyeshadows, lips, brown blush give the skin a rested and radiant look. To highlight the eyes, you can use a brown pencil or eyeliner. The arrows fit in both feathering and crisp retro styling.

The benefits of this makeup:

  •  Versatility. Since it fits any clothes;
  • Practicality. Since you can put on makeup in the morning, but such makeup is also suitable for a party;
  • Lightness. Brown shades are easy to work with as they are easy to blend and the likelihood of getting an unwanted tint on the eyes is extremely small.

Smokey eye

Technique make-up – “Smokey eye” has long been considered a classic evening option. But if you replace dark shadows with light brown, pink, peach or beige shades, you get a stylish daytime version.

Olga Smokey eye, as a rule, chooses for a concert look. At the same time, she paints her lips with light lipstick, so as not to “overload” the image.

In oriental style

Makeup in oriental style

This year, everything related to the oriental style is extremely popular – clothes, hairstyles and, of course, makeup. The characteristic blacks of oriental makeup are bright shadows, highlighted cheekbones, arrows. Moreover, arrows play the most important role in oriental makeup.

To distinguish an oriental make-up from a retro or classic evening make-up, pay attention to the inner corner of the eye. It should be let down with a thin eyeliner. Often the shape of the eyes is changed due to the elongated arrow at the outer and inner corners.

In the color “dusty lilac”

The list of the most fashionable colors for the fall / winter 2020-2021 season includes “dusty lilac”. This shade is relevant for clothing, manicure and makeup.

In the make-up, the shade of dusty lilac is used for eyeshadow and lipstick. It helps to create a delicate look in cool colors. This makeup is suitable for brunettes and blondes with a winter or summer color type. Olga, being the owner of a pale skin tone and dark blond hair, could not help but pay attention to this trendy shade of the season. Makeup for eyes and lips in a dusty lilac color harmoniously matches her appearance.

Pin-up style

Olga Buzova with pin-up makeup

The perky and playful pin-an style is worth trying on yourself at least once. Summer is the most suitable time for him, because in combination with a light dress with polka dots or with a floral print, a hoop / ribbon on his hair, stylish jewelry – arrows and red lips look very seductive.


You can talk about nude makeup for a long time, but the main thing that is important to remember is full makeup, not its absence. Nude makeup assumes a perfectly even skin tone, blush, highlighter. The face should shine as if the makeup brushes weren’t touching it, but still be perfect. All blemishes in the form of acne, scars, redness should be masked.

Lightweight everyday

Evening makeup can be entrusted to professionals, but you still have to do the daily make-up yourself, so it is important to find that very ideal option. Makeup artists recommend using matte shadows in combination with pearlescent ones for everyday makeup. Arrows are best done with shading with a pencil or shades of dark brown, gray, purple shades.

Very dark lips

Olga Buzova with dark lips
Olga Buzova has recently been practicing such fashionable makeup as nude eyes and dark lips. This is a stylish and youthful option. Women of age are not recommended to repeat it, as the absence of mascara on the eyes emphasizes the elegant age, and sometimes adds a couple of extra years.

Among the dark shades of lipstick, make-up artists highlight “burnt brick” or reddish brown. Plum and eggplant colors have lost their relevance in 2020.



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