Osteoarthritis: gentle pain relief solutions

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To fight against rheumatic pain, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. First, by adapting your plate to avoid anything that could be “clogging” and refined, in favor of a “living” food that is as less processed as possible. We also avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which in no way helps to fight against evil. Walking is particularly recommended because the support of the heel on the ground acts as a pump and stimulates the circulation of synovial fluid, which “nourishes” the cartilage. We also favor outdoor trips: by taking in the air, we promote cell oxygenation. Finally, we avoid the cold and humidity by taking care of ourselves (hot foot bath, massage with a heating oil, ginger infusion, etc.)

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In terms of care, alternative medicine can help on a daily basis, both in prevention and in treatment. These natural alternatives can be taken alongside medical treatment. They will have three actions:

– draining: to eliminate waste (acid metabolites) in the joints;

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– anti inflammatory, to relieve;

– remineralizing, to restore bone tissue.

1 – As a cure: anti-arthritis infusion

In pharmacies or herbalists, ask for the preparation of the following mixture: 40 g of birch leaves + 40 g of blackcurrant leaves + 40 g of ash leaves + 40 g of white willow bark + 40 g of poplar buds + 40 g of horsetail stems.

Infuse a tablespoon for a large bowl of hot water (or 4 tbsp for a liter) and drink two bowls a day for 3 weeks. Renew 3 to 4 times a year.

The extra trick : during the cure, complete with horsetail powder (to mix yourself, easily), to sprinkle directly on your food.

The “ready-to-use” alternative : do a draining cure based on birch juice for 3 weeks (2 to 3 times a year) followed by a remineralizing cure based on organic drinkable silica. By providing rigidity to the bones and cartilages, it makes it possible to regain flexibility and mobility in the muscles and tendons.

In case of inflammatory outbreaks, one can occasionally add macerate mother of blackcurrant buds (5 to 15 drops per day, in two doses).

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2 – The “homemade” pain reliever massage oil

Here is the recipe for an oil to be prepared in a pharmacy or herbalist in a 50 ml bottle: 2 ml of lemon eucalyptus essential oil (EO), 1 ml of noble bay leaf EO, 2 ml of EO of lavender aspic + 45 ml of oily macerate of St. John’s Wort.

Apply ten drops of this analgesic and anti-inflammatory mixture to the area that hurts and massage, preferably at the end of the day (because the area should not be exposed to the sun for the following hours). Decrease the amount when the pain improves.

The “ready-to-use” alternative : buy silica gel to massage the area twice a day. To be completed with drinkable silica (organic) to boost the anti-inflammatory and remineralizing action.

Thanks to Nathalie Grosrey-Lajonc, herbalist and author of “Naturo famille” published by Albin Michel.

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