Osteopath: when am I going?

A visit to the osteopath to fight against pain

Back pain, stiff neck, back pain, tendonitis, sciatica, sprains, contractures … Whatever the patient’s age, physical condition or health history, osteopathy is ideal for relieving all these ailments. We will look for the cause and we will treat the pain by gentle manipulations that will restore the body’s mobility.

A visit to the osteopath during pregnancy

Support during pregnancy is also very common in osteopathy. We follow the pregnant woman by offering her a session every trimester. The first two to relieve possible pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy (sciatica, hormonal fatigue, contracture) and the last to prepare for childbirth by working on the mobility of the pelvis. The infant will also be entitled to a session from his 10 days of life in order to relieve all the small ailments he encounters during his first days of life (flat head, colic).

A visit to the osteopath in case of migraines and digestive disorders

It may seem surprising that we can approach this type of problem simply with manipulations in osteopathy and yet it is formidably effective in these cases. Osteopathy considering the organism as a whole (body and mind intimately linked in the same whole), we can relieve tensions and rebalance the body always in order to treat the cause and the symptom at the same time.

Osteopathy is also ideal for prevention

Going to consult once or twice a year to “reset the counters” and not wait for the onset of pain can avoid certain visits to the doctor.

Finally, there are few contraindications to osteopathy. However, if after the interview at the start of the session and the clinical and osteopathic assessment the practitioner considers that the problem does not fall within his competence, he will of course redirect you to a more suitable practice.

Thanks to Olivier Darmont, osteopath of the network, the network of selected and validated alternative medicine therapists.

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