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The baby carrier is one of the essential equipment for birth. Whether it is on the front, back or in a sling, it allows you to carry your child in complete safety and remains very practical for short trips with baby. Our comfortable, solid and durable good deals!

Up to about 10 kilos, the baby carrier is the essential childcare item that leaves parents the choice to walk their child other than in a stroller. Often cumbersome, especially for running a short run or for climbing stairs, the baby carrier is very useful for parents, while being comfortable for babies. Sitting against you or with your back to better explore the world around it, different ways of carrying it are available to you. It is nevertheless recommended not to put the child in a supine position until he has acquired the sitting position. To choose your baby carrier, opt above all for a solid model, and of course in compliance with the standards in force (NF EN 13209-1 and NF EN 13209-2 relating to the safety requirements concerning back-mounted baby carriers with frames, and flexible baby carriers) . Do not hesitate, at the time of purchase, to try out the model you want to buy with your little one to check if it suits you, if it has a headrest for example, or that the carrying straps are at your height … The different models will give you the choice of baby’s position: against you, facing the road, on your back, supported with a headrest … Our selection of the best baby carriers.

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