Our stylized hairstyles ideas for summer

The hairstyle-tousled Saint Algue bob

Credit: Saint Algue

A feminine disheveled hairstyle, which energizes and gives volume to the square. A hairstyle with an ultra natural rendering, ideal for short hair a little unruly.

The trick: After you have loosely curled your hair with a curling iron, gently loosen it with your finger with a little finishing wax.

The right product: Coiled in its nomadic round box, this shiny finishing pomade allows you to sculpt hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. It is heated in the palm of the hand before applying it preferably to dry hair to optimize definition.
Respect Style finishing wax, Saint-Algue, € 11

Spring / Summer Collection Saint Algue

Lucie Saint Clair rounded square

Credit: Lucie Saint Clair

An ultra chic rounded square, worthy of a First Lady, which elegantly releases the face to highlight tanned skin.

The trick: This aerial curvature is obtained by lightly crimping the top strands and those that frame the face. Operate on dry hair. Stretch a section by grasping it by the tip, and slide the fine comb all the way towards the root. Repeat the operation once or twice then change the wick.

The right product: Ideal for swollen brushing, this film-forming dry mist gives body to the hair, from root to tip, for a lasting volume effect. Spray first in a large gesture over the entire hair and then, for a more structured effect, on a few selected strands only.
Professional Lacquer n ° 2, Dessange, 9.50 euros for 400ml

Spring / Summer Collection Dessange

The messy notch Fabio Salsa

Credit: Fabio Salsa

No more wise bobs, in summer we opt for the rebellious version, hair thrown back with wavy effect, which clears and illuminates the face.

The trick: Lock the hair with a curling iron and then tousle it by running your fingers through it to bring it back. Fix with finishing wax which will give a little touch of shine to your hairstyle

The right product: An airy mousse that facilitates styling and gives body to your hairstyle, while preserving movement.
Diva Mousse, Fabio Salsa, 13.50 euros

Spring / Summer Collection Fabio Salsa

The Rock n ‘Roll hull Jean Louis David

Credit: Jean Louis David

A very “Grease” look with its volume concentrated on the top of the head and its glossy temples placed on the side. This sophisticated wet style is perfect for hot, pulsating summer evenings.

The trick: Once the top strands have been crimped and structured, smooth them with a flat brush. Do not crush the volume, always stay on the surface.

The right product: A paraben-free fixing product that preserves the hair’s hydration rate and protects it from humidity for perfect support. To eliminate stubborn frizz, spray the spray directly onto the brush before brushing it over the surface of the shell.
Fix Spray Urban Style, Jean-Louis David, 10 euros

Spring / Summer Collection Jean Louis David

The bohemian Saint Algue bun

Credit: Saint Algue

An express hairstyle, both chic and bohemian, which sensually reveals the nape of the neck. Made without styling and in a jiffy, its effect is stunning. It can be worn just as well during the day as in the evening.

The trick: although a little sophisticated, it is done without styling in a jiffy. With a smooth movement, lift your hair up onto your head in a simple ponytail, before rolling it up on itself. Secure it with a large bun clip. That’s it !

Spring / Summer Collection Saint Algue

The degraded wavy Jean Louis David

Credit: Jean Louis David

A look that is both sophisticated and natural for long layered and tapered hair. The wavy effect on the lengths gives relief to the hair and energizes this romantic cut.

The trick: make large curls using a round brush then relax them with your fingers before gently crumpling them.

The right product: an ultra moisturizing cream, without cardboard effect, to be applied to wet lengths and ends before styling. It brings suppleness and hold to the hair for a very natural look.
Brush cream, Urban Style, Jean-Louis, 14 euros

Spring / Summer Collection Jean-Louis David

The Franck Provost notched square

Credit: Franck Provost

One evening hairstyle, the retro notch gives this simple bob a very femme fatale look.

The trick: For a chic asymmetrical effect, make a parting on the side then lock the hair with a curling iron to give this short cut an ultra glamorous XXL volume. To accentuate the notch of the wick, apply the movement to the clamp during drying.

The right product: a foam which sheaths the fiber without drying out or cardboard effect. Airy, it gives spring and volume to curls or notched hair.
Normal Foam, Franck Provost, 16 euros

Gold Spring / Summer Collection Franck Provost

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Shiny hair helmet Jean Claude Biguine

Credit: Jean-Claude Biguine

The asymmetry of this very short bob feminizes this boyish cut. Plated wick and expertly worked tip enhance the look. A very glam retro look ideal for a chic evening.

The trick: this hairstyle is achieved on a plunging short cut. Brush your hair with a flat brush to the ends. Deport your hair in a wide headband from temple to temple, covering the forehead. Do not slip the strand behind the ears, work it in a tapered fashion so that it emphasizes the curvature of the cheekbone.

The right product: a combination of water soluble wax and silicone for a glossy finish that catches the light. A wax that can be molded at will that fixes your hair as you wish.
Styling Wax, Bumble & Bumble, 29.50 euros (not included at Sephora –

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