Outdated make-up rules: top makeup artists on which tips are no longer relevant

Is powder required? Can blush be applied to bare skin? We asked Elena Motinova, Vladmir Kalinchev and Yuri Stolyarov which makeup rules have become outdated with the onset of technical progress.

The art of makeup is built on mini-life hacks. How to hold a pencil to make your eyebrows fluffier, how to draw a line along the contour of your lips to make them plump. But over time, many chips become obsolete – sometimes because of fashion trends (who is now interested in how to make eyebrows with a thread?), And sometimes because new formulas, textures and products appear.

We asked the top makeup artists who started working when our site was not yet in sight, what makeup rules should be forgotten.

Powder tone – in or out?

Previously, the tone was fixed with powder without fail, but with modern tonal means, the stage with powder can be skipped.

Owners of dry and normal skin do not need to use powder at all, since most modern tonal products contain particles that absorb sebum and increase make-up durability.

If the skin is prone to oily content, then powdering is still worth it.

Yuri Stolyarov

Maybelline NY Official Makeup Artist

The rules for applying foundation are outdated because fashion has changed. It is important that the skin is natural. An excess of foundation and powderiness are irrelevant.

Of course, the quality of foundation has improved dramatically. Modern ones do not disappear anywhere without dusting. For example, Fit Me, Maybelline NY– and holds well, and contains clay, which absorbs excess sebum. The finish is natural.

Elena Motinova

International Makeup Artist Estee Lauder

Of course, the textures have changed. And not only for tonal, but also for powders. Now, on the contrary, it has become easier to fix the tone with powder, because they are light, airy, invisible and merge with the foundation. Moreover, you can apply cream products to the powder, of which there are much more on the shelves now.

I don’t like tonal ones. Can blush, highlighter and bronzer be applied to bare skin?

Yuri Stolyarov

For light makeup, I apply the products in fragments.

When I do light makeup on models and I need to preserve the texture of the skin, leaving it as natural as possible, then I apply the funds in fragments directly to the naked face: somewhere concealer, somewhere highlighter, somewhere contouring (for example, a cream stick Strobig Stick, Maybelline NY, or just a darker tonal shade).

Highlighter Master Chrome, Maybelline NY adheres to bare skin in the same way as if it were applied to foundation. It contains silk proteins, and even to the touch it is a cross between dry and creamy texture.

I paint my eyebrows with eyeshadow, but I suspect I’m missing something important.

Vladimir Kalinchev

No need to paint eyebrows with eye shadow!

No need to paint eyebrows with eyeshadow! They will come out unnatural because this product almost never matches the shade or texture. The eyebrows should look super natural and the shade palette should be appropriate!

Modern eyebrow pencils can draw in missing hairs and fill in the shape. And to create a fluffy effect, many pencils are equipped on the other side with a special powder (for example, Real Brow Fill & Shape, Max Factor), which is very convenient: eyebrows look fashionable and natural at the same time. You can fix everything with eyebrow mascara

Yuri Stolyarov

Today you can collect a whole cosmetic bag of eyebrow products

About 20 years ago there was not such a variety, but now for eyebrows you can find anything with any effect.

If you just need to emphasize or gently adjust the shape, take “eyebrow” lipstick. If you fix the hairs – mascara. To paint on hairs – pencils and felt-tip pens.

All these tools make it easy to achieve a natural result.

I have oily eyelids, so I am not creamy

Yuri Stolyarov

The myth that liquid eyeshadow should not be applied to oily eyelids

Blot skin with a tissue, apply gel shadow (for example, Color Tattoo, Maybelline NY) with fingertips, dry on top. All! Make sure your makeup stays on perfectly.

Foundation, then a pencil – that’s the only way my lipstick is with me at least until dinner. Or could it be easier?

Yuri Stolyarov

Use long-lasting lipstick

Previously, we used a million life hacks to keep the lipstick in place – we applied it to the tone, to the powder, and to the pencil. Because persistent or not always persistent, or unrealistically dried lips, and ordinary ones disappeared from them.

Now everything is much simpler: there are really comfortable long-lasting lipsticks (for example, matte SuperStay Matte Ink, Maybelline NEW)… Apply to clean, moisturized lips and allow to set. Important: do not lick, do not blot, do not rub lip on lip.

Elena Motinova

No need to powder your lips!

Matte curing lipsticks hold well even without a pencil. And for the durability of creamy lipsticks, we act as our grandmother taught, i.e. first apply a stable pencil. And everything will be fine.

Vladimir Kalinchev

Learn to draw an outline

Even red lipstick can now be applied without a pencil and it will not go beyond the contour. Long-lasting lipstick hardens, fixes, does not creep. If you are good at drawing the shape of the lips, you basically don’t need a contour pencil.

They say that they used to powder their eyelashes. Maybe try?

Yuri Stolyarov

Just choose the right mascara!

Imagine, 30 years ago, to make your eyelashes fuller and fuller, a layer of powder was applied to them, and then mascara. Naturally, such a cake quickly crumbled.

Now you can just take the volumetric mascara and apply in several layers. Each layer will be a good foundation for the next. And the mascara will stick well.

I do the contouring with a bronzer, as my mother taught. What?

Vladimir Kalinchev

Contour with special tools

Before, no one knew what color the sculptor should be. There were many products with a red undertone, and they worked with them. Since then, it is sculptors who have learned to produce brands – products with a cold undertone. And the warm ones are bronzers, they are for creating the effect of tanned skin. This is the case when the tool must be used strictly for its intended purpose.

What habits have you got rid of because you no longer see the need for them?


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