Should I do more hair videos? Let me know what you think…honestly lol.

hair mask: cantu deep treatment masque

I am in love with this French twist technique! It’s something I used to do all the time, besides French braids, that would give me messy yet cute waves. I am not taking credit for this technique, and I will list down below videos of others using this technique on LONGER hair because certain hairstyles have different results with different hair lengths. Check them out!

For those with longer hair, these videos may be more helpful:

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  1. It happens with this process curls happens and is good and it is not fake . Hit a like if you feel the same.

  2. OK. Out of ALL of the heatless wave hairstyle tutorials I&39;ve been watching and trying, im most excited about this one!!

  3. Whoever wants to know how this looks on straight hair, bob length: I tried this today, I will update you tomorrow morning!

  4. someone helppp, I have no problem doing the twist but once it gets to the end and I have to tie it in a bun it becomes lose and doesn’t actually stay in the bun. But if I try tying it normally instead of putting it in a bun, it unravels since it’s a twist. Someone tell me how I can tie it off in a way which it stays in place and doesn’t unravel ??

  5. I end up having very greasy and wet hair all day long everytime I try leaving my hair damp overnight to have heatless waves?‍♀️

  6. Okay I did this last night and I wanted to come check back in this morning because WOW! I didn&39;t expect it to work this well, my hairs super curly and cute and I only used water? My hairs such a piece of shit, it falls out and looks terrible if I sleep in anything but tight french braids, but when I do that the curl patterns super weird and I end up having to just wear them braided all day. These stayed in all night with no problem and even though I&39;m bad at doing the buns at the end it looked great when I took them out. Thank you!!

  7. She didn&39;t have any make up on and she&39;s still more gorgeous than me if I say… Get plastic surgery…

  8. When you&39;re Filipino and you need to take a dipper (lol kabo jokes) every morning ?

    Welp. I just wanted to look for whenever I need it.

  9. Ahh, you&39;re doing a French twist – very clever. I do these for school but it never quite curls towards the back of my head

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