Palazzo pants: how to wear not only in summer

The trousers with the beautiful name “palazzo” and a hint of the style of chic Italians and French women are back on the catwalks. A new round of popularity in 2020 came from the beautiful decades – the inspiring 60s and the sophisticated 70s. The beautiful silhouette became popular thanks to the style icons of the time. Even the great Mademoiselle Coco Chanel loved to create the effect of impeccable slimness with the help of the visual illusion of a falling silhouette.

And now they can be seen on actresses and trendsetters all over the world – Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively or Jeanne Damas. Many brands, including Massimo Dutti, I Am Studio or Ralph Lauren, constantly include them in their collections and invite us to feel the comfort and convenience in these wide models.

Images with palazzo pants

High-waisted palazzo trousers make any girl’s legs simply endless. How is this lightweight silhouette achieved? The high waist is just the perfect accent for girls who prefer feminine details. And if there are arrows, then they add vertical, which visually creates the same effect of “long and slender legs, like models.”

We are all accustomed to the fact that this is often an exclusively summer model. We enjoy the sun, wear neat sandals with thin straps and create flying looks. In this article, I will introduce you to some cool ways to wear palazzo all year round.

1. Not boring office: comfortable suit

Stylish set ideas are not limited to one summer season. For example, suits in beige and natural shades of cinnamon, chocolate, hot coffee look great in spring or early autumn. They can be worn to the office with a loose dress code and to meetings with clients if you add the right accessories – closed shoes with small heels (shoes or mules) and take a rigid-shaped bag. What if you decide to take a walk with your friends in a cafe or visit a new exhibition at the Pushkin Museum? Great, this costume will be your lifesaver for more than one season!

Palazzo pants to the office
Palazzo pants to the office

For cold weather, choose a denser fabric – jersey, cotton, corduroy, mixed knit fabrics with wool, 100% wool, or soft with cashmere. In autumn-winter suits, the fabric is even heavier to the touch, it does not flow, but lies in rigid waves. Such a composition will definitely not allow you to freeze.

Palazzo trousers
Office kits

2. Palazzo trousers with a jumper, turtleneck or hoodie

Palazzo is most often associated with bohemian outfits and elegant women. But now a different trend is emerging, the emphasis is on personal comfort and the actual cut of things. Therefore, if you want to move away from the formal style a little and add relaxed chic, take a closer look at the combination with a jumper or hoodie. This is an idea for cool summers, spring and early fall. And rich colors in accessories or things themselves, for example, burgundy wide leg pants or a red jumper, will make the color mix modern.

3. How to combine with a trench coat

In spring and early autumn, the most popular outerwear is a trench coat, cotton or eco-leather. It sets the tone for the mood, complements the “palazzo”, and seems to be created for sophisticated looks. Keep in mind that the current length of the trench coat is midi or maxi. It is she who shows modern styling and will not go out of fashion, no matter how long we see on the catwalks in 2021.

If you want to create organic and relevant sets for years to come, then opt for products below mid-calf. Also let it be a little oversized. And this is a very important nuance. You can easily pry on a thicker jumper, play with proportions, or wear a knitted vest over a shirt. So you can always be sure that your kits are in trend.

4.With a warm coat

What is the most logical and correct option for outerwear in countries with a cold climate? Of course the coat! Indeed, in the cool season, you want to be beautiful, not freeze and feel comfortable. Choose a lighter blend for spring, or a warm wool blend for fall and winter. It will create additional verticality, which will visually increase the length of your legs and add elegance.

5. Combining palazzo pants with quilted things

For the winter period, when we start brewing tea with cinnamon and more often listen to New Year’s melodies, when it is soft snow and everyone takes out their beanie hats, choose a denser coat with a warmed lining or a topical quilted midi-length coat. It will create the perfect palazzo looks for frosty days. Alternatively, use layering and wear a thin down vest under your outerwear.

Quilted clothes have become the main trend of this season! Don’t miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with new combinations. A modern, stitched down jacket with a coat-like cut that will create comfort and help you stay warm.

6.With sneakers

Yes, unfortunately, we all understand that such a length is not always convenient in real life, when it is necessary to run into a grocery store after the office or take public transport. The heel and trousers make the perfect pair, this is already a classic, but take a closer look at the sneaker option. Suitable for a modern and active girl. There is no need to make sacrifices to fashionable gods, and you will not surprise anyone with hairpins. The trend for naturalness, maximum comfort and practicality will never go out of style.

7. The effect of “layering”

A suit with a “palazzo” or just trousers as a separate unit can be a great base for a layered look. You can add zest with some accents and favorite stylists’ tricks, for example, wear a jumper on your shoulders. It can be in contrast to your outfit, or it can be in tone. The bottom turns out to be quite laconic, but already with the top you can “play” and make an unusual combination.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because now there are so many ways to change the “bland” everyday look – to combine coarse and feminine, leather and knitwear, add bright accents in the form of clothes or accessories (bags, shoes).

Although it often rains in the fall, there are a couple of tricks that can be used. The first is suitable for the summer season – wrap the strings from the sandals over the trousers. This option will show you as a true fashionista. The second is to roll the bottom edge one or more turns. This way they will not touch the ground and remain clean.

The third is to tuck them into your boots. This variation is suitable for everyone, it is both a trend and will protect from pollution. Of course, if you decide to wear a “total white” set (ie the whole set is in shades of white), then it is better to see if it is raining outside. But as soon as freezing temperatures begin or dry weather sets in, this is the perfect time.

8. Combination with a fur coat and a sheepskin coat

And while we are waiting for the sun and warm days, we are wondering what to wear palazzo trousers with in winter? For countries with cold climates, this option will be the most appropriate. In my opinion, the combination with a fur coat looks great. Choose shades of ivory, delicate beige, milky. This will add freshness and lighten the silhouette.

Combination with a fur coat
Combination with a fur coat

How to choose which outerwear is right for you? Let’s see. Sheepskin coats to the middle of the thigh, aviator jackets, insulated shirt jackets, long coats made of eco-fur or Teddy coats. Any of the models will fit into your wardrobe. Wide pants plus fur texture will create a very cozy look. And it will keep you warm and at the same time you will feel much more attractive than in regular jeans.

In the autumn-winter season, you can create interesting multi-layered combinations, especially designed in a single color scheme. It is monochrome that will look as stylish as possible. Do not forget that in addition to absolutely summer silk “palazzo” (or flowing fabrics), there are denser ones of jersey, wool and cotton, which I wrote about at the beginning of the article.

This is the main secret – choose the right material for each season and you can wear the current model of falling trousers all year round. Bright and juicy shades will make you stand out and make the look memorable. After all, they are suitable for any type of figure, add femininity and stretch growth. These advantages cannot be overlooked. Warm up elegantly and keep your year in style!

Author: stylist Julia Litysheva
Instagram: @julia_litysheva

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