Palo Santo: what it is and how to use it in a wellness ritual

Palo Santo is a tropical tree ofCentral and South America, from which sticks are obtained which, when burned, have beneficial properties for the mind, spirit and consequently the body.

Used for centuries by indigenous peoples in rituals shamanists, this wood is so popular today even in Europe, that it is considered practically sacred, and its plant is protected, being able to take only the wood already fallen to the ground from mature trees and naturally dried.

In addition to the expert therapists who work on energy and have been using it for some time, there are more and more neophytes who have approached the rituals of Palo Santo, to find well-being, and hunt stress e negativity.

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Palo Santo: what is it?

It is a dry wooden stick from the tree whose name it bears, to be burned as if it were an incense, to follow the rituals of well-being and purification.

Palo Santo: how to burn it and how to use it in the ritual

The Palo Santo stick is used by burning it and obtaining some aromatic embers, where the essential oils of the plant will be perceived. To achieve this effect, one end of the stake must be burned e turn it off immediately after it has started to burn, and continue for a few times, thus having one progressive combustion involving both wood and resin, until sufficient embers are obtained to emit a smoke scented. The classic ritual of use involves passing the smoke of Palo Santo throughout the house, lingering in the corners where negativity can build up, taking care to leave an open window, so that it can escape.

Palo Santo: property

The Palo Santo contrasts the energy negative, which can cause negative psychological conditions such as bad mood, and emotional difficulties. It is therefore used to purify the home environments imbued with these energies, which afflict its inhabitants in spirit and body. It is used for to calm anxiety, to regain serenity, for psycho-physical relaxation and meditation. It is also believed to have therapeutic properties, promoting muscle relaxation and releasing accumulated tensions in the body.


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