Pantone and Heuritech track down the key fall colors

Inspiring fashion professionals by trying to predict future trends, the color specialist Pantone and the French artificial intelligence platform Heuritech have just forged a partnership to offer new insights into the clothing market. This alliance is materialized this summer with the publication of a report focusing on the major shades of this fall 2020.

Visual of the Miu Miu brand integrated into the report – DR

The Heuritech tool now detects more than 500 Pantone color codes by scanning social networks, bringing out in real time the nuances most diffused by brands or the most worn by users and influencers of these networks. Enough to allow brands and signs “to adapt their visual merchandising and their communication strategy “or adjust their restocking for the season which is about to start. After having researched the colors of the autumn palette made up by Pantone several months ago, Heuritech is now checking these intuitions.

The five key colors – PantonexHeuritech

In the women’s fashion segment in Europe, five flagship colors were highlighted by the study. The first is Mint (mint green), which breaks down into three shades: Misty Jade, Water Fall and UltraMarine Green. For these hypotheses, the report points out each time the degree of success, whether it is a massive trend, a strong or even risky bet, a stable choice or a decreasing trend but always in decline. force. It also details what type of public (prescribers, trend followers, etc.) or product (top, dress, etc.) are most concerned for each color.

Example of detailed information given for each shade (here Misty Jade) – PantonexHeuritech

The second and third shades chosen mainly designate intensities: we thus find pastel and its three luminous variations: Lupine (parma), Blue Topaz (topaz) and Blushing pink (sugar plum pink), then the Earth Tones family (in reference to earth) with subdued Towny Birch (fawn beige), Military Olive (dark olive) and Sheepskin (sheepskin) tones.

The different degrees of pink chosen for autumn – PantonexHeuritech

The Blue Tones and Pink trends were also popular, each of which has quite strong shades. The three types of blue chosen are Blue Bird (vibrant peacock blue), Marina and True Blue; while pink comes in four tones: Pink Lemonade, Cabaret, Pale Blush and Very Berry (see photo above).

Further reports as well as webinars will be organized by the two companies during the year.



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