Party Success: Why is it so hard to talk to a stranger and what to avoid?

Earlier, we have already talked about where it is better to start an acquaintance and how to conduct a dialogue correctly if you feel that you like each other. Today we will list the main “buts” and tell you why it is so difficult to come up first!

? Why is it so hard to get started?

Sometimes, in order to relax as soon as possible, you need to understand what exactly scares you at the thought of coming up first. The main reason for everyone is embarrassment / shyness. An unpleasant feeling arises from social fears (condemnation, rejection, isolation). If you realize in advance that none of this awaits you, it will become much easier to cross the invisible threshold.

? Chshould you avoid it?

1. No need to wait for the weather by the sea if you liked the young man. These are the conditions of the modern world, now it is not necessary for a man to come up and start taking the initiative first. Take a breath and go!

2. You should not choose politics, religion and other sensitive topics as topics for conversation, for example, raising children, attitudes towards minorities. This is the golden rule of small talk, and it always works in the right direction.

3. Forget about the gadget during the conversation, as it will cut you out of the conversation instantly. Even if it seems that he does not distract you, the smartphone will confuse the interlocutor and make him withdraw into himself. If you do not want such an outcome, put your phone on silent mode.

4. When you ask questions, do not act as if you have a list of specific proposals and be sure to ask everything in the world. You came here to get acquainted and have a pleasant conversation, and not to arrange interrogations. Excitement can play a cruel joke, so it’s best to calm down.

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