Peak heat: 11 foods to avoid when it’s hot

Fan, fogger, cold shower, air conditioner, loose, light clothing … All means are good to cool off in the event of hot weather. When the thermometer climbs, it is essential to drink plenty of water, even if you are not thirsty. The reason is simple: high temperatures force the body to regulate its temperature in order to remain stable. This results in more sweating. Result: the body becomes dehydrated. This is why it is essential to stay hydrated continuously during the heatwave.

But drinking plenty of water is not enough. It is also advisable to lighten the contents of his plate when it is hot. Because yes, food plays an important role in the body’s ability to resist high heat. While certain foods are preferred because they limit the risk of dehydration, others should be avoided because they take a long time to digest, tire the body and tend to increase body temperature.

Heatwave: foods to choose to better withstand the heat

In the event of a heat wave, it is advisable to consume products naturally full of water and vitamins and easy to digest. As for fruits and vegetables, we opt for melon, cucumber, watermelon, tomato or lettuce. Another food: yoghurts. They are an excellent source of hydration. For a touch of freshness, you can bet on mint. During heat waves, it is also advisable to fill up with vitamins. For this, we favor citrus fruits or strawberries which will boost the body and help it to better regulate its temperature. As for proteins, it is preferable to consume white meats, fish or legumes.

Foods to avoid in hot weather

Certain foods are not recommended in case of hot weather because they cause an increase in body temperature. These include alcoholic beverages, which promote dehydration, but also nutrients with a low water content, such as products high in salt or sugar and many other foods.

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