“People don’t know what they need”: Raf Simons talks about how the fashion industry has changed

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Raf Simons, the founder of the brand and also the creative director of the fashion house Prada gave an interview to The Cut, in which he spoke about how the fashion industry has changed in recent years and why high fashion has lost its original meaning.

According to Raf Simons, the fashion industry has become too much like a system in which everything is subject to strict rules. “We work not only with the design team, but also with other commercial teams such as marketing. It turns out that you become too involved in this endless process, and even if you know that something is not going the way you like, you can no longer change it. “ – explained the designer.

“You are simply drawn into a system that regulates everything – how to show collections, when to show them. Everything we do now is on schedule. It is not right”, – Simons said, noting that he would rather show the collections every two years than follow a fixed schedule.

While many designers see the coronavirus situation as purely a challenge for the fashion industry, Simons saw the pros: “We used to make too many things and now have to produce less for economic reasons. In a sense, it’s fantastic. ” “People think they need all these things, but do they really need them?”

According to the designer, now high fashion has lost its original meaning. “Haute couture has never been what it is now – part of popular culture. In my opinion, it is not for everyone. It is simply impossible and leads to what is happening now. Besides, fashion already exists without creative ideas. And this has nothing to do with the coronavirus, ”- shared his opinion Simons.


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