Peppermint essential oil: what are its benefits and how to use it?

Peppermint: an essential oil with multiple benefits, to have in your pharmacy!

Peppermint (Mentha x Piperita), has many benefits, and can be used in different ways.

It is an essential oil that has its place in the family’s natural medicine cabinet, because it can have positive effects both on the mental and physical level, and treat the little ailments of winter such as small injuries of the summer. It can also be used in diffusion in a room, in local application, or taken orally …

An essential oil effective against headaches

This is probably one of its best-known indications: peppermint essential oil is a powerful natural analgesic. Applied in light massages on the temples, this essential oil will indeed have a soothing action in case of headaches. If you are prone to migraines, then consider having a bottle of peppermint essential oil in your desk drawer, or at home.

It helps fight against fatigue

Its refreshing effect will also have a toning action. In case of a little bit of fatigue, lack of vitality, you can also massage the temples, to stimulate and awaken the mind, or diffuse it in the room to breathe the energizing scent of peppermint.

It is an ally of intestinal transit

In case of temporary abdominal pain, bloating, or difficult digestion after a heavy meal, for example, peppermint essential oil is ideal. This ally of digestion, will have an action on intestinal transit and will be able to relieve pain in the event of stomach aches. For optimal effectiveness, it is advisable to take one drop orally, under the tongue, or on a neutral tablet, after excess or in case of capricious intestinal transit.

It is used to fight against motion sickness

While peppermint essential oil can relieve stomach aches and migraines, it can also help with nausea. People who suffer from motion sickness for example, can use this essential oil to avoid being sick during a trip by car, boat …

The essential oil of peppermint, to relieve the sensations of heavy legs

The instant cooling effect of peppermint essential oil can also be beneficial if you experience heavy legs. Rising temperature in summer, prolonged sitting or standing, poor blood circulation, can lead to this unpleasant feeling of heavy leg, which can be relieved with the essential oil of peppermint, diluted in a little vegetable oil and applied in light massages, always from the bottom of the legs to the top of the thighs. The ideal is to elevate the legs a few minutes after application to optimize the benefits!

To boost morale

As we have just seen, this essential oil is indicated in the event of fatigue, lack of vitality. And with this in mind, the essential oil of peppermint will also help to be positive, to find a better morale. In case of a little changing mood, we diffuse it in the room, and we let its invigorating properties act on our mind, which can only be re-boosted!

An essential oil effective against bad breath

It’s no wonder that many toothpaste brands include it in their formula: peppermint helps keep breath fresh. We can therefore, in addition to meticulous brushing of teeth several times a day, take a drop to cleanse and refresh the oral sphere, to prevent bad breath.

The natural reflex to avoid bruises

Did you hit yourself? To prevent the appearance of a bruise or hematoma in the event of a stroke, peppermint essential oil can be a natural alternative. Applied in massages on the area to be treated, the essential oil of peppermint will facilitate blood circulation.

It allows you to breathe better when the respiratory system is congested

Stuffy nose, congested sinuses… Peppermint essential oil can also play a role in respiratory system disorders. Not only does it decongest, but thanks to its anti-infectious properties, it can also help fight small viruses, especially in winter. As a bonus, in diffusion, it will disinfect a room and limit the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air.

Peppermint essential oil relieves itching

It is an essential oil to have with you in winter, but also in summer. Indeed, the essential oil of peppermint, will help, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, to relieve itching, in case of insect bite.

How to use peppermint essential oil?

The essential oil of peppermint in local application

The essential oil of peppermint, can be used in local application. But like all essential oils, it is very concentrated in active, and must therefore be tested on a small part of the skin before being used for the indications that we know. In the event of headaches, one drop is enough for a soothing and relaxing temple massage. In the event of an insect bite, a drop is also sufficient!

For a more extensive application, as in the event of a feeling of heavy legs, we will consider diluting it in a little vegetable oil.

Oral peppermint essential oil

Orally, you can place a drop of peppermint essential oil on a neutral tablet, put a drop directly under the tongue, or even put two to three drops in a herbal tea for example.

The essential oil of peppermint in diffusion

For a boost in the office or at home, and to take advantage of its anti-infectious properties, you can diffuse the essential oil of peppermint, in a diffuser provided for this purpose. You don’t have one? You can put a few drops in a bowl of hot water (not too hot anyway, to retain its properties) and let the oil diffuse near you.


Peppermint essential oil should not be used in:

  • The pregnant woman
  • The lactating woman
  • Infants
  • People with allergies to essential oils
  • People who suffer from epilepsy

If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice before using essential oils.

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