Perfect and chic French manicure: Betina Goldstein’s guide

It transforms, evolves, reinvents itself season after season, but never strays from its most classic declination. There french manicure nineties and its version with colored tips is one of the trends for nails to try this summer.

Manicure fai da te, step by step

Golstein’s female, celebrity nail artist among the most followed on Instagram, offers it in version black as an alternative to the traditional white or cream. An unconventional color for the hot season, which is worn on very thin tips.

Betina shared her guide to creating the perfect french manicure without special brushes or accessories on the Instagram profile

Step 1

Apply the nail polish in a delicate neutral shade that matches the nail color like Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Ballerina starting from the base of the center of the nail. A shell pink nail polish like this is ideal for colder complexions, while a honey beige shade may be more suitable for warmer ones. The secret is to keep the color a translucent rather than opaque. After applying the first coat to the center of the nail, the polish is applied to the right and left curling the brush so as to also cover the corners.

Step 2

The second step is dedicated to finishing of the base. After applying the nail polish from the base to the end of the nail, Betina recommends passing the brush horizontally over the tip and then clean the edges with a lipstick brush soaked in solvent.

Step 3


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At this point we choose the color for the french. The White it’s not the only option. For example, Betina opts for a pale periwinkle blue (Chanel Pastel Blue). As for the application, first you need to remove the excess polish from the brush and then draw a thin line from the outer corner to the center of the nail. For greater accuracy, he recommends start from the corner to the middle of the nail and then move the brush to the other corner to draw the line from the outside towards the center.

Step 4

After removing the excess nail polish from the skin, to complete the look, “seal with a coat of transparent top coat for a long lasting effect and greater shine”. Et Voilà! Betina recommends reapplying the top coat every three days to increase the duration of the french manicure.


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