Perfect foreplay: top 5 special erogenous zones

Here you can find out why you shouldn’t miss foreplay from the process and which places should be given special attention. Today we will continue the list of the most interesting erogenous zones!

? Bshackles

In the lateral parts of the body, from the chest to the thighs, there are a large number of nerve endings. They transmit impulses directly to the penis or clitoris. Consequently, touching, pinching and slapping in these places makes the intimate muscles actively contract, and you get unforgettable pleasure.

? Dloss and area around them

You already know how important kissing is, but you don’t have to focus exclusively on your lips. The border of the lips also responds perfectly to stimulation thanks to the same nerve endings. At the end of the kiss, do not forget to run your tongue over this place and the result will not keep you waiting!

? Рuki

During sex, hands can be used in different ways, but who said that they should not be touched during foreplay? Any manipulation is felt so strongly on the tips of the fingers, wrists, and forearm that gentle touches or a rough grip will definitely work.

? Lobkovaya bone

We used to think that this zone is sensitive only in women, although in fact, men also like it when girls pay special attention to this place. The sequel is already trite, so why not surprise your loved one?

? FROMaxes

Another stereotype is that nipple stimulation is not a woman’s business. And sexologists believe the opposite and argue that the nipple area is much more sensitive in men. If you want to show your partner a master class on the topic “Look and repeat” – rather do it on his body.

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