Permanent makeup: a quick guide for first-timers

What is permanent makeup

Permanent make-up is a special cosmetic procedure in which pigment is applied to the upper layers of the skin, resulting in an indelible make-up. The skin is micropigmented at a level of 0.5 mm from the surface. The effect of such a make-up lasts for several years.



– Convenience. Now you can forget about daily makeup and save a lot of time and money on cosmetics. You also no longer need to rinse off your makeup.

– Persistence. Permanent make-up lasts up to 2-3 years, and only sometimes you need to visit a cosmetologist for color correction.

– Beautiful view. A well-executed permanent make-up looks natural and emphasizes the dignity of appearance. The eyebrows look thick and expressive, the lips look more voluminous and plump, the eye contour is improved.

– Does not wash off when visiting the pool and beach.

– The speed of the result. The effect is achieved immediately after the first application of the pigment.

– Painlessness. The pigment is applied only to the upper layers of the skin, so the client does not experience painful sensations, and the rehabilitation period itself takes no more than a week.



– It’s not easy to get a good pigmented makeup. You will have to carefully study the recommendations and choose an experienced master. Incorrectly applied pigment will only worsen the appearance, and besides, because of its durability, it will not be possible to wash off unsuccessful makeup.

– It is not always possible to predict how the pigment will behave on your skin and, as a result, the resulting effect may differ from the intended one.

– Resilience also runs the risk of becoming a disadvantage. Such makeup, even if you get bored or out of fashion, cannot be erased for a long time. You will need to additionally visit a beauty salon and bear the costs of early removal of traces of pigment.

Permanent makeup, despite its apparent simplicity, still involves a certain biological intervention and is strictly contraindicated in a number of diseases.


Contraindications to the procedure

– The presence of inflammatory diseases

– Diabetes

– Pregnancy and lactation

– Poor blood clotting

– Less than 7 months have passed since any surgery

– The presence of scars and moles at the proposed site of intervention

– Open wounds and dermatological diseases

– Viral infections and hypertension

– Tumors

– Propensity for allergies

– Asthma

– Herpes

Recommendations a few days before applying pigment makeup:

– Avoid tanning beds and tanning

– Eliminate alcoholic beverages, fatty and fried foods from the diet

– Refuse to take medications, acids

Makeup techniques


– Hair. It is used for eyebrow tattooing. The master applies pigment in strokes to achieve a natural look.

– Shooting. In fact, this is a regular tattoo with shading. Pigment of various shades is involved. For example, take a light tone at the base and a darker tone at the tips, which allows you to soften the eyebrow contour.

– Powder dusting. After it, many small dots remain on the skin, which are difficult to see even at close range. The result is a soft result without sharp lines.

– Watercolor technique. It is used for lip tattooing. Their contour is painted in one color, and the surface inside it is filled with a different shade, lighter in tone.

Types of permanent makeup


Depending on the direction and place of the correction, permanent makeup of the lips, eyebrows and eyes is distinguished.

Permanent eyebrow makeup

Ideally, it should provide a beautiful eyebrow shape. However, not everything is so simple: due to the complexity of the procedure, the effect often does not meet expectations. The device leaves sharp lines, reminiscent of drawing with a marker. Such eyebrows look completely unnatural and vulgar. At the same time, it will not be possible to wash them off immediately, the result lasts for several years. Therefore, it is important to initially select, together with the master, a pigment that matches the client’s hair color.

When done correctly, such makeup allows:

– Adjust the shape of the eyebrows

– Give them color

– Get a lasting result

Execution techniques:

– Microblading. This is a hair-like drawing of eyebrows, suitable for owners of dry skin and will eliminate minor defects. The wizard fills in the empty areas and adds the missing hairs.

– Powder dusting. It is carried out by applying pigment to the upper layers of the epidermis. Differs in maximum naturalness and helps to forget about makeup for up to two years. The procedure is universal and suitable for women with all skin types.


Permanent lip makeup

Or, as it is often called, lip tattooing. Allows you to get painted lips with a clear contour every day without unnecessary effort. However, the procedure is not primarily intended to replace lipstick, but to correct serious cosmetic defects. To make a lip tattoo, so as not to paint them every day with lipstick, is definitely not worth it. With this type of makeup, the master injects a dye under the skin with a needle. Depending on the wishes of the client, they work out only the outline or fill the entire surface with color. Permanent make-up lasts from 4 to 6 years.

It allows you to:

– Give volume to lips and increase them visually

– Make lip contours more defined

– Align contour

– Improve natural color

– Mask scars and remove cleft lip syndrome

– Raise the lowered corners of the mouth

– Give your lips a vibrant color and a lipstick look



Using a light pick

The master makes a light drawing with a light shade along the contour of the lips. A play of contrasts is created, due to which the lips look more voluminous.

With shading

Blends the outline smoothly. It can be thick or thin depending on your preference.

Partial filling

Retains the natural color and volume of the lips. The paint is chosen to match and applied along the contour and below. The corners of the lips are completely filled with pigment, and closer to the center, the shading becomes less obvious.

Complete filling

Color is applied to all lips. Gives volume, corrects asymmetry and looks natural.


Permanent eye makeup

Pigmented eye makeup offers drawing arrows and creating a liquid eyeliner effect. The procedure lasts only 20 minutes, during which time arrows are applied or the contour is lined. The eyes then look as if tinted with mascara, the eyelashes become visually thicker. When choosing arrows, it is better to give preference to thin ones, located as close to the lash line as possible. Such arrows hold for a very long time, up to ten years. Also, a permanent make-up creates a concealer effect and helps to mask dark circles under the eyes. The dye brightens the dark skin under the eyes, and the blue disappears.

Skin care after permanent makeup

The first days after the procedure, the skin may swell and peel off. It is important at this time to avoid touching the formed crust, wait until it falls off by itself. Do not comb pigmented areas. Also use healing agents to speed up the regeneration process. Experts advise disinfecting the skin with chlorhexidine and then softening it with depanthenol, which promotes tissue healing. You can apply medicated ointments to the treated areas. At first, you should avoid the sun’s rays and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, do not visit the bathhouse and sauna.



After applying the pigment for the first time, you will need to visit the beautician again, since it is difficult to guess how the skin will perceive the pigment. On the second visit, the cosmetologist corrects the mistakes and achieves the desired result. Further correction will only be needed to maintain durability, when the paint begins to fade over time.

Tattoo removal

To remove unsuccessful permanent makeup, a laser procedure is performed. Special laser pulses destroy the pigment, under their influence it breaks down into particles that the skin “utilizes”.


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