Peter Do Revealed What We Will Wear in Spring

A year and a half after the start of the pandemic, Peter Do presented his first live collection. Prior to that, the designer was limited only to the digital format – his lookbooks were sold on fashion Instagram accounts and attracted no less attention than the catwalk.

Peter likened this experience to the first time he cooked pho with his father. They were Vietnamese immigrants who moved to live in Philadelphia. “A good pho has been reduced to its essence,” says the note each of the guests received. “It’s cozy and reminiscent of home … Welcome to our home.”

Like traditional Vietnamese soup, the collection is also reduced to the core. Do describes his aesthetics in one word – functionality. “Making your life easier, but still looking good” – explained he. This is the concept followed by most of the New York Fashion Week designers. Minimalism is the unspoken rule of Americans.

The collection is based on flowing fabrics: iridescent silk and translucent chiffon in white, black, light pink and lime shades. Formal trouser suits are complemented by long flying blouses and pleated skirts, which have become a symbol of the brand. They are complemented by drawings of flowers on jackets – a symbol of beauty reduced to its essence.


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