PHOTO, types of how to cut a semicircular bang on your own

A bang, trimmed using this technique, frames the forehead in a semicircle and touches the ends of the eyebrows. Its main feature is that the bangs are smooth and almost imperceptibly merge with the bulk of the hair.

Stylists note: rounded bangs will suit the owners of thick hair, especially dark, and the effect that it creates is suitable for owners of an oval face with pronounced cheekbones. The haircut shifts the focus from the oval forehead to the eyes, softens the look and makes the face more sophisticated.

bangs in a semicircle photo

At the same time, to a lesser extent, the arcuate line of the bangs will be combined with a triangular and square face. The focus will shift to the angularity of the chin, which will overload the look.

Moreover, semicircular bangs look best on straight hair. Wavy, curly or curls that are too thin will not be able to keep the desired shape, and styling will take too long.

But note: this only applies to the classic version of the semicircular bangs. The rest of her types work differently with other features of her appearance. Let’s talk about the most popular types that have become especially popular this season.

The types of semicircular bangs are specially designed by stylists for different types of hairstyles. To understand exactly which one is right for you, we advise you to study in detail how they look in the photo.

A bang shape specially designed for bean haircuts or bob-bob. This is a voluminous type of haircut, which can be either even or torn. The versatility of the arch bangs in these hairstyles speaks for itself.

Life hack for styling from SalonSecret. A bit of negligence is needed here, or rather, half a pea of ​​texturing styling. Choose according to your taste: it can be Density Material from L’Oreal Professional, clay Rough Clay from Redken or paste Transformer… Rub the product in your hands and take apart the bangs with your fingers.

Stylish shape that is great for a round face. Side strands visually lengthen features, making them more proportional and expressive.

Life hack for styling from SalonSecret. Lay your bangs voluminously on the brush, and then fix it with a spray Fix Design from L’Oreal Pro… It has a convenient spray gun designed just for topical application.

bangs in a semicircle on the side

An asymmetrical version of a semicircular bang will perfectly help diversify a short haircut and give it a twist. Such bangs will add dynamism to long hair, which is especially important for owners of straight strands.

Life hack for styling from SalonSecret. Apply a smoothing serum to your bangs Liss Control+ (or oil Liss Unlimited also from L’Oreal Pro) and blow dry on its side.

Another good option for an arc bang for chubby girls… It visually narrows the features, slightly lifts the cheekbones and makes the image as vivid as possible.

Life hack for styling from SalonSecret. Such bangs can be smoothed with an iron, after applying thermal protection Redken Iron Shape… To fix the styling and extra shine, use just a little paste. L’Oréal Pro Fix Polish.

Professional stylists love to experiment with the shape of a semicircular bang. This allows it to be adapted to different hair lengths.

As we already mentioned, for short hair arched bangs and bangs with an asymmetric semicircle are ideal. This haircut format follows the curves of hairstyles such as waiter, short bob and bob, which makes the overall look complete and effective.

A win-win option is a short (for the bold) or elongated (for style queens) bangs in a semicircle, which goes well with cascading haircut middle length.

Already from the photo you can see that the bangs “arch” on medium hair looks very stylish, but with the addition of elongated curls, the face turns out to harmonize the hairstyle and make the hair more textured.

FROM long hair both short semicircular bangs and bangs with elongated ends that go below the eyebrow line are good. The torn variation with falling side strands looks even more trendy.

An oval bang with alignment along the eyebrow line will also look very impressive. A haircut is most suitable for girls ideally straight hair.

how to cut bangs in a semicircle

Let’s consider the technology using the example of creating a torn semicircular bangs with elongated ends on the sides. To do this, you will need good hairdressing scissors, a sharp-tipped comb, and clamps. The process itself consists of several stages.

  • The hair is divided into two parts, thereby creating a parting in the middle.
  • With the help of a hairdresser’s combs, a triangle of bangs is distinguished, which starts 5 cm above the forehead and originates from the parting. Next, the side part of the hair is fixed with clamps so that it does not interfere with the cutting process.
  • The remaining bangs are moistened with water and divided into two strands. One curl is laid obliquely along the line of the forehead, after which it is applied to the outer corner of the eyebrow and the hair is measured at this point. This fixes the length to which the bangs are further cut off.
  • Holding the measured length with your fingers, the master cuts off the strand. The scissors look up in the process. It is this life hack that helps create the effect of milled bangs in a semicircle.
  • We repeat the same with the second part of the bangs.

The main difficulty with cutting bangs is the need to create an arc effect. At home, this is not as easy as it seems, so instead of cutting your bangs in a semicircle yourself, we strongly advise you to contact a salon.

bangs semicircle care

To maintain the beauty and original shape of the bangs, you need to update it at least once every three to four weeks. Trim your bangs in the same way you did when you originally cut, either by yourself or in a salon.

Don’t forget to get a round comb and hair dryer for styling. These are essential elements of daily grooming that will help maintain a neat looking haircut. For unmanageable hair, you can also use styling products.

A great option is a primer Pillow Proof Blow Dry from Redkenwhich protects strands from high temperatures and speeds up hair drying. Thermal protective oil Diamond Oil will work too, especially if you want to enhance the shine of your hair. What is noteworthy, the oil is very, very light, that is, it will definitely not interfere with creating a voluminous styling.

Any bangs will look more impressive if you add more volume to it. To do this, use dry shampoo or special dry-applied sprays before styling.

SalonSecret experts recommend L’Oreal Professional Rebel Push-Up with a powdery texture. It allows you to achieve the effect of thick bangs, does not weigh down the curls and at the same time gives a pronounced and lasting volume.

For fixing, usual varnishes are not suitable, give preference to professional products that come with the mark “extra strong fixation” and at the same time do not create the feeling of “straw” hair, but leave the strands soft and pleasant to the touch.

Among such tools, we note spray varnish Matrix Freezingas well as spray Redken Control Addict, which works 24 hours and additionally protects the styling from moisture.

As a result, daily bangs care might look like this.

  • Drying with thermal protection.
  • Final styling with a round brush (curl your curls towards your face).
  • Reliable but non-sticky hold.

As you can see, semicircular bangs are as easy to handle as normal ones. Provided you have quality styling. How do you style your bangs?


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