Plus size: where and what clothes to buy for lush beauties?

What problems does a fat girl face when choosing clothes? First, finding beautiful clothes of your size in stores is difficult. You have to choose from a limited number of models, which greatly complicates the task, taking into account the characteristics of the figure. Secondly, stylish plus size clothes are even more difficult to find, because clothes from size 50 are older in most stores. Someone decided that women over 50 years old must dress in ugly colorful outfits.

Which brands have plus size lines?

  • H&M Plus size;
  • Asos Curve;
  • Violetta by Mango;
  • Marks & Spenсer;
  • Dorothy Perkis Curve.

What clothes are slimming

What clothes are slimming?

The first problem is finding a brand that is stylistically appropriate. But in order to compose stylish images, you need to know which wardrobe elements will always be complementary to a curvy figure. Any shape has its advantages. They must be found. A full girl should not dress in shapeless outfits, it is important to indicate her merits.

  • Trouser one-color suit. One color is monochrome, which can be used to stretch the silhouette. A single-breasted jacket is better, a deep V-neck is important to visually reduce the volume and emphasize the dignity of the figure. And the advantage of a figure in obese girls is often a chest. We choose trousers with an elastic band on the lower back. This detail will fit trousers on any figure. A circular elastic will give your outfit a sporty look, which is not always appropriate. The suit can be colored or black. Elongated jacket, but shortened sleeves. An open wrist is important for a lighter look in a large size.

  • Medium to large size bags. Micro bags are not suitable for overweight. It is important to observe the principle of proportionality, the larger the bag, the smaller the figure against its background.
  • Wrap dress. Must be in plus size wardrobe. This style demonstrates a beautiful neckline. A slit at the top and a slit on the leg doubles the silhouette. Oblique garments are the basis for a curvy figure. The neckline does not have to completely reveal the neckline. You can open your shoulders and look away from your full hips or belly. A wrap-around dress or blouse easily fits any figure.
  • Shoes with a steady heel. If you have a wide ankle and shin area, then choose shoes with a medium heel, not a stiletto heel, so that there is no disharmony.
  • Sleeveless vests and jackets. It is better to choose a vest to match the skirt or trousers, this is the rate for monochrome, which stretches the silhouette.

Plus size women's clothing
  • Unbuttoned shirt dress. The shirt is worn like a cape, the same effect as with a vest. The vertical lines will be the shelves of the shirt dress. Can be worn over jeans or trousers. The dress is not fastened or one button is fastened under the bust.
  • Pants with vertical side stripes. The style can be sporty or military style.
  • Skirt with buttons or wrap. Creates a vertical or diagonal cut with buttons or wrap.

Super things for Plus size

  • Biker jacket. Even for large girls, she is complimentary. The second layer collects the figure and is of great importance in shaping the style of fat girls. The leather jacket makes the image youthful. With plus size, it is important not to buy exaggerated sizes of a jacket, with exaggerated overhead shoulders. The model should fit well to the figure, it shouldn’t be smaller either. The jacket may not be fastened, because it is customary to wear a leather jacket unbuttoned. It will not be cold if you put on a cardigan or a quilted vest under the jacket.

things for Plus size
  • The elongated jacket of a semi-adjacent silhouette. A belt can be worn over the jacket to emphasize the waistline. The thing is universal out of season, and can be completed with various stylistic solutions. A jacket is not only an outfit for office workers. A jacket can also be worn under outerwear, just choose a model without padding and large shoulder pads. The length of the jacket should not end at the widest point of the pelvis. Be sure to roll up your sleeves, even on your favorite jacket. A few thin bracelets will draw extra attention to your wrist.

things for Plus size
  • Pleated skirt. Many stylists believe that this skirt increases the hips. But it all depends on the shape of the skirt. Choosing an A-shaped silhouette on the belt, not on the elastic. The length of the midi should not end at the widest point of the calf, choose either slightly higher or slightly lower.
  • Raincoat. Trench coats stretch the silhouette. The necessary vertical is created and perfectly combined with other things. They can be worn not only in autumn, but also in summer, the colors must correspond to the season. Flying materials drape very well, which is always a plus for a full figure.

Cloak for full

Asymmetrical tops. Diagonals in the hem, neckline, opening one shoulder look very sexy. Anything that is nude attracts more attention. The task is not to hide everything, but to reveal what is attractive. Asymmetry is shown if you want to divert attention from the lack of a figure.

Plus size: where and what clothes to buy for lush beauties?
  • Cigarette pants. The 7/8 length opens up the narrow part of the leg. Better if there is a light arrow. Landing on the widest part of the abdomen. With this fit, the belly will not hang from above and there will be no volume from below.

Layered onions can be fat, but this is not always the case. Layering can work well because layers remove accents from problem areas. Opt for lightweight fabrics and a semi-fitted silhouette. Thin jersey should not be the top layer.

The oversized trend can play a cruel joke, but you shouldn’t give it up. Oversized things should be with the right fit, and the volume in the right place, so as not to increase the part of the figure that needs to be adjusted.

things for Plus size

The commandments of a stylish image for overweight

  • Work on your style. It is necessary to remove from the wardrobe all artifacts of outdated design, decor, things that will never come into fashion. Then you need to go shopping. After analyzing the wardrobe, you no longer want to pay attention to the shortcomings, you want to admire your new self. And in the eyes of others, the focus shifts, people look at a stylishly dressed woman.

things for Plus size
  • Perceive your body appropriately. Many of us have a distorted perception of ourselves. Even people who have lost weight often perceive themselves to be fat. They see full of themselves in the mirror, do not allow themselves new styles and fabrics. Conversely, some people think they are petite, although their shapes have changed, and they continue to wear the same size. One should strive to perceive the body as it is. Striving for the canons of beauty, we depersonalize ourselves. Don’t compare yourself to someone or yourself to yourself 5-10 years ago. We need to live more efficiently today.

What clothes are slimming
  • Do not camouflage, but show better. Emphasize your dignity. Nobody pays attention to the shortcomings until you yourself emphasize them. People have little interest in other people, they are fixated on themselves. Nobody is interested in your concept of beauty. It is necessary to pay attention to what is beautiful in you. Remember compliments, think about what you like about yourself. Even if you are overweight, there are always trump cards. If you had a wasp waist, then it will remain thin even with excess weight. Write down everything: voice, posture, fluidity of movements, and then think about how to emphasize this with clothes. Act not from complexes, but from what you are proud of.

You can be stylish in any weight. The body is not a barrier on the way to style. Don’t expect to lose weight, start looking cool now.

Author: stylist-image maker Elena Khmelevskaya

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