Plyushkin’s syndrome: how to deal with accumulation

Do you remember Stepan Plyushkin from Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol’s poem “Dead Souls”? Which skladziravay in his dilapidated family homestead all the trash? It was in his honor that a unique syndrome was named, called Plyushkin’s syndrome. But we will not talk about the severe form of the disease, but about the accumulation that is inherent in many people (most often women). It manifests itself in the reluctance to throw out old things that may already be too small for you or worn out to holes, and in products or cosmetics the expiration date has expired. How to deal with this disease and turn from a barakholshchik into a normal person, we will tell in our material.

There are several reasons for this:

Peniaphobia (fear of poverty). If a person grew up in a low-income family, where every cracker was worth its weight in gold, with age and the acquisition of material prosperity, old habits often remain in him. This is due to the fear of a possible return to the”material bottom”. Such people do not throw things away, because they believe that in difficult times they may be needed. In some situations, they are right, because rich people are rich because they count every penny, but you should not bring the preservation of things to insanity.

The illusion of domesticity.Many people do not throw out old and unnecessary things, because they believe that they can breathe new life into them. For example, old bed linen and clothes can be used as floor cloths, torn tights can be used to store onions, bottle caps can be used to make a massage mat or curtains for the country, beautiful vases can be made from the bottles themselves, and a beautiful picture can be made from broken dishes. This makes sense, only here, most of the plans are not implemented, and the trash continues to accumulate, cluttering up your home. And, of course, we must not forget that some people, for some reason, keep in their house things that have not worked or been repaired for several years, old mobile phones with an antenna, “prehistoric” televisions with a huge cathode ray tube, a service set that is shattered in pieces and other unnecessary nonsense, writing off their own hoarding on damavitascu.

An imaginary eternity. It is considered that fashion is cyclical. That is why girls clean up “antique” things on the mezzanine, sincerely hoping that they will become fashionable again. Confidence that someday (maybe years so through … dtsat) the item will become relevant again or, at least, will pass into the status of vintage, does not go out of their minds. But there are also some “pitfalls” here. If the item is no longer fashionable, but high-quality, stylish and not shabby – it’s stupid to get rid of it. But if your jeans are already worn to holes, and your favorite sweater is breathing hard-then you need to get rid of them.

Psychological attachment. There are people who are much more comfortable with old things than with new ones, because they are associated with certain events in life. Of course, if a soft toy or some kind of souvenir was given to you by a relative, you should not get rid of it. But if you and your significant other were warming up under a warm, but already battered blanket from all sides, or sleeping on bed linen that is no longer good – here you need to think.

How to deal with accumulation?

As it turned out, there is no universal recipe for solving this issue. No dropper, no pills, or even a psychologist will help you here. Only you will have to deal with the problem yourself. But we will still give you a couple of practical tips and motivations.

  • First, you need to convince yourself that in a house where there are no old and stale things, it is much easier to breathe. Yes, and cleaning in uncluttered rooms is faster, more pleasant and easier. In addition, in a house full of old junk settle all sorts of guests: moths, beetles, worms, ticks … We think that you will not be happy to live in the neighborhood with such “tenants”.
  • According to Feng shui, old and unnecessary items prevent the flow of positive emotions and energy, which makes the house uncomfortable. In a house where there is no junk, there is peace, love, cleanliness, well-being … What is not the motivation for you to fight accumulation? And in Italy, before the New Year, it is generally accepted to throw old things out of the windows, so that luck, money, new clothes and prosperity come to the house with the New Year. So make a note of this strange tradition and throw out all your junk before the New Year. Preferably not from the window, but just to the landfill.

  • Aristotle said, ” Nature does not tolerate emptiness.” This means that in place of the old and stunted, something new and revived always comes to life. By getting rid of unnecessary things, you will open the way to something wonderful and really necessary.
  • Experts advise starting to deal with the accumulation from the kitchen. Go through the emergency inventory, throw out the spoiled and expired products; get rid of cracked dishes, as they seem to promise loneliness, failure and poverty; without any shame, dented and damaged pans, pots, cutlery are disposed of, and also get rid of non-working household appliances.
  • If you feel sorry for throwing away old things, you can place them on specialized ad sites by setting an acceptable price. So you make people happy that your old item might come in handy, and also saved up some cash to purchase something brand new.
  • Ask your colleagues, friends, and relatives not to give you any trinkets or small items. This will help you avoid turning your home into a museum. The same goes for your travels. From trips, it is much more practical to bring delicacies, photos, small refrigerator magnets, and not huge figurines and national costumes. This, of course, does not apply to collectors and people who are not inclined to accumulate.


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