Polka dot dress: classic charm

Polka dot dress: classic charm

Why don’t girls get tired of wearing polka dot dress? Everything is very simple, the print adds femininity and sophistication to the image, harmoniously fitting into any style. Such a pattern does not need to be cut and looks unsurpassed even without expensive jewelry and complex finishing. In addition, a polka-dot dress can hide figure flaws.


A dress with polka dots is considered universal, as it is suitable for women of any age and size. Such an outfit will be appropriate in any setting: from a solemn event to a date or meeting with friends.

polka dot dress models

Choosing a thing with such a print, you should remember that a thing with large peas will add volume, and a small pattern will make you graceful and slimmer.

combining fabric with polka dots

Models of dresses with polka dots of different sizes will help to correct the figure. To divert attention from problem areas, choose options with large figures at the hem. A small print in the waist area will make it visually narrower.

polka dot dress plus size

Plus size models

If you want to hide curvy hips, give preference to models that combine polka dots with a skirt made of plain fabric. The version with a monochromatic top and a “pea” skirt will suit the owners of the “apple” and “inverted triangle” figures.

World collections of fashion houses

Dress with polka dots, photos of which are presented at the latest fashion shows, mostly have a neutral color palette. Carolina Herrera offers black and white models in their collection.

models Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

In the summer collection, models are made of light, weightless fabrics with an asymmetrical cut. Blumarine has created lingerie-style dresses with small polka dots for women and models with voluminous flounces and lantern sleeves. Valentino, Christian Dior and Alice McCall have brought the long sleeve supermini back to fashion.

Blumarine collection


polka dot print on the catwalks

Dolce Gabbana polka dot dress

Dolce Gabbana

Styles and models

Various styles of beautiful dresses with pea print were presented at fashion shows. After all, it is appropriate in any situation and suitable for women of any age.

shoes under the dress

The choice of active, purposeful women will be a classic dress with a pencil skirt or sun. For middle-aged ladies, a model of medium length A-line is suitable, which has not gone out of fashion for many years. Flounces, ruffles, frills will help to bring romance to the image.

polka dot dress in casual looks

Urban images

For everyday wear, midi variants of a fitted or semi-fitted cut are suitable. Models with a skirt on a yoke or with a peplum, recommended for overweight women of fashion, will help to hide extra pounds.

polka dot dress for chubby

For full

When choosing a fashionable outfit, you should pay attention to the following styles:

  • corset models with thin straps;
  • classic options with a pencil skirt, sun, half-sun or tulip;
  • options with sleeves made of mesh, translucent stretch, guipure or organza;
  • with a wrap-around skirt, with “godet” wedges, asymmetrical bottom;
  • models with voluminous sleeves;
  • practical floor-length models;
  • fitted options with tiered bottoms for young ladies.
from fashion shows

Images from the catwalks

Fabrics and prints

To make an ordinary dress with polka dots sparkle with new colors, designers are experimenting with textures and fabrics:

  1. Cotton is the best solution for summer. The flared model looks playful, and the discreet options are presented in the trapezoid style.
  2. Summer Models Polka Dot Dress

    Summer models
  3. A satin long dress is suitable for an evening event. The fabric emphasizes the feminine shape and balances the silhouette. In addition to black with white polka dots, stylists suggest choosing more fun options, for example, a red polka-dot dress made of satin fabric.
  4. polka-dot dress on the floor

  5. Practical and comfortable in everyday wear, jersey is used in a variety of ways.
  6. Light chiffon combines tenderness and romance. And due to its weightlessness, the material is used to create diverse products in small or large peas.

polka dot chiffon dresses

When choosing a print, you need to take into account that large peas look shocking, but are suitable only for slender girls.

dresses in large peas

And the model with small polka dots is able to hide the flaws in the figure, therefore it is recommended for overweight ladies.

What to wear with

The question with what to wear such an outfit is very common. After putting on a black dress with polka dots or a model of a different color, but going too far with accessories, you can easily ruin the image.

dress with large peas

Large peas

Images of celebrities

The pea print is in demand not only among ordinary fashionistas, but also among world celebrities. An example of elegance is called Julia Roberts, who appeared in the film “Pretty Woman” in a brown outfit with white peas.

dress with polka dots from the movie Pretty Woman photo

A recognizable image for everyone – the film “Pretty Woman”

A similar print is chosen by royals. Among his admirers was Princess Diana.

Princess Diana Dresses

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Princess Diana – Polka Dot Outfits

Today, similar dresses can be seen on Kate Middleton and Queen Letizia, who appeared in public wearing a white polka-dot dress.

Kate Middleton Polka Dot Dresses

Kate Middleton
Princess Leticia Polka Dot Dresses

Princess Leticia

star images

Photo of white dresses with black polka dots can be seen at various special events. Black dresses with white polka dots and colored models are no less popular. Similar outfits were chosen by Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Kirsten Dunst and many others. They combine them with pumps, sandals and stylish clutches.

celebrity polka dot dresses

star events

star polka dot dress

cheeks celebrities

Everyday options

It is permissible to wear a black sheath dress with white polka dots in the office, along with boats and a jacket. The same model can be used in different situations, just experiment with accessories. For example, a formal outfit used for work is complemented in the evening before a date with a brooch, a thin strap and a small handbag.

polka dot dress for office

Office models

A red polka dot dress looks good with a beige cardigan. Bright outfits are combined with matching shoes. But in this case, you need to completely abandon accessories so as not to make the image overloaded.

red polka dot dress

Street style

street style models

What can street style lovers wear with a dress? In summer they can be worn with sandals and a small hat. If it’s cool outside, you can combine them with nude tights, ballet shoes, sneakers or ankle boots. For insulation, choose a suitable blouse.

shoe models

Models by color

In addition to the style and type of fabric, these dresses differ in color.

color print


The white polka dot dress is perfect for summer. Putting it on with sandals, you can go for a walk. And in combination with boats, you get a romantic outfit.

squirrel dress with black polka dots


A black polka dot dress is a timeless classic that draws attention to itself. It is suitable for overweight girls, as it can visually slim. Together with red shoes and a handbag, you get a bright, accent image.

black dress with white polka dots


Red dress with polka dots – choose bold natures who want to be in the spotlight.

red polka dot dress


A dress with polka dots in blue shades is often decorated with a white collar or lace inserts.

blue polka dot dress


Yellow dress – looks bright and gentle at the same time. Ideal for summer.

polka dot yellow dress


Green models are used to create a bright, extravagant look.

green polka dot dress


A brown polka dot dress is suitable for all girls, regardless of the type of figure. It will look spectacular with brown shoes and accessories.

brown polka dot dress

Accessories and bags

Peas on the dress will be expressive if you emphasize the waist with a bright belt. On a black background, white, red or a strap of green shades looks spectacular. For a blue dress, you should choose a brown one, and for a yellow one – a black belt.

dress with jacket and jacket

In a duet with a jacket or jacket

If you choose an outfit with large peas, you cannot wear many different accessories. When choosing beads, it is important to look that the size of the beads does not turn out to be larger than the peas on the dress. The ideal jewelry option is a string of pearls, small earrings and a bracelet with pearls.

mid length dresses

The bag is selected based on the overall style. The model for everyday wear is harmoniously combined with a spacious bag. For an evening event, a clutch is suitable.

dress with sleeves

Suitable footwear

A retro polka dot dress is worn with ballet flats, sandals and wedges or thick heels. In the cold season, boots and ankle boots are selected for him.

polka dot dress shoes

shoe options for a dress

Contrasting shoes or models of matching colors look ideal with an outfit in a round print. However, black and beige shoes go well with any outfit.


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