Popcorn shirt: what is this fashion piece from the 2000s that is making a comeback?

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He looks spicy, but yet he’s so sweet … A bit like us, right?

Just looking at it, we remember the words of On a latino air. No, you’re not dreaming, the “popcorn shirt” is definitely back : this absolutely essential top from the early 2000s is making a comeback, and it’s (as always) on Instagram that it’s happening. How to recognize it? It is all in volume, as if it were made up of lots of pieces of popcorn. Hence its name.

The advantage of such a room? It is quite possible that we do not need to go to a store to find one! For some, looking in their parents’ attic will be more than enough …

Popcorn shirt: the coolest t-shirt of the 2000s is back on Instagram

Le must, it’s so his popcorn shirt is in color gradation; way tie and dye, it is quite simply the Holy Grail! Like good numbers vintage pieces from the 90s, it is possible to find them in thrift stores. Combined with ultra-wide jeans (baggy style from skeateu.r.se, yes yes you can see what we’re talking about), a Tour de France-style bob and rimless sunglasses, you will be confused for sure with a Spice Girl, word of Grazia.


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