Post-pregnancy sex: 3 books to guide you

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After having lived the wonderful adventure of pregnancy and having given birth to a child, many mothers feel lost in the face of their new postpartum body, which they must tame. And in the face of their sexuality.

We have selected three books for you that will help you feel less alone, to learn and discover what you feel most intimately: that before and after baby are incomparable worlds.

Sexuality after baby: 3 resource books

But then, how to find oneself? How to rhyme motherhood and femininity? How to inhabit your mother’s body with sensuality? And how to welcome the other in this upheaval?

1. Desire after Baby, by Maryse Dewarrat (Eyrolles, 2017)

It’s hard to be both a lover and a mother after the arrival of a child. A traumatic childbirth that has left a scar, a decrease in libido, a loss of physical self-confidence or fears related to the prospect of having sex again prevent the resumption of pre-pregnancy sex. How to find and find the other on the sexual level? How to reconnect with desire? Through numerous portraits and situations, the author brings to light the origins of blockages and sexual disagreements and offers women accessible, psychological and practical avenues to resume a fulfilling married life.

2. Women and their gender: no longer having pain, reconnecting with desire, feeling free, by Heidi Beroud-Poyet and Laura Beltran (Payot Santé, 2017)

“No, sex doesn’t just give pleasure! We can be afraid, grope, be in pain, not feel good. We may not want to, prefer to play sports, or read a book. It happens, it’s normal. And it is not shameful. Both a guide to self-discovery and a manual of pleasure, this book tells about the secret life of women’s sex, its ‘mechanics’, its obstacles and its liberation. Simple and informed, concrete, rich in testimonies and advice, its message is clear: daring to talk about sex galleys allows you to find solutions and to better live your sexuality; but knowing is not enough, one must also learn to let go to feel and feel one’s own sex. To no longer be locked into ‘Not tonight, I have a migraine’, but to be at peace with the fluctuations of one’s desire. ”

3. The Afterbirth: Everything You Really Expect, by Catherine Sandner (Hachette, 2008)

From arrival at the hospital to the first months after childbirth, the book addresses the concerns of young mothers: on the body and its transformations, on breastfeeding, on feelings towards the baby, on the couple and sexual relations … Numerous testimonials from women who have given birth, enriched with quotes from bloggers and authors, allow us to share the intimate journey of young mothers and their real experiences, without taboos or false modesty. The mothers’ experience is supported by the investigation of the author (mother of two children) and the intervention of professionals (midwife, doctor, osteopath, sophrologist, sexologist, psychologist and child psychiatrist, expert in maternology, etc.). Concrete and adapted advice.

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