Poustovit created a collection in which the chaos of the modern world is easier to survive

Ukrainian brand Poustovit presents the lookbook of the autumn / winter – 2021 season. Creating the collection, designer Lilia Pustovit reflected on the latest events in the world and the challenges that await the modern woman. The sharper the tension around, the more flawless and elegant the woman should look – this is the conclusion of the brand team. Even in the center of the tornado, it is possible to find peace by wearing a Poustovit dress.

“Inspired by the style of the 1930s, we created restrained, laconic dresses, where each model has its own special detail, and the color scheme reflects the very nature, its very essence,” – says the designer. The pastel palette of pink and blue shades is combined with ocher colors, which seem to take us back to the autumn landscape.

Stylist: Eugenia Skvarska
Photo: Andrew Gray
Model: Agatha Danilova @ Girls Model Management
Makeup and hairstyle: Oksana Cherepanya

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