Practical short cuts that rejuvenate for over 50s

Practical short cuts, but by no means trivial and efficient. Over 50s, called Perennials, are like this: they love pleasure. And the planet Hollywood, of examples, has several. Naomi Watts is the latest star who succumbed to a perfect haircut. To realize it is thehair guru Renato Campora who, on the Instagram profile of his salon, writes: “This razor-sharp bob is a lesson of Summer Statement”. Here the actress sports a smooth spaghetti, but this cut also lends itself well with soft waves.

Sharon Stone, instead, yields to a pixie cut paraded with long tufts worn sideways that hide the wrinkles on the forehead. The idea of ​​her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, is precisely to give a boost of youth to the look of the actress born 62 years ago.

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Similar cut also for Jane Fonda, but with more enveloping volumes, it recalls a more slender bowl bob with curtain fringe. Your trusted hairstylist, Jack Martin, has also revolutionized her color, bringing her iconic ash blonde to a silver jaunty.

The over 50s have thus (finally) said goodbye to cotton tufts and XXL volumes which, in addition to being very showy, age a few years. Who does not like to wear long hair, to Sarah Jessica Parker The Demi Moore, to be collected in practical hairstyles, here is that a pixie cut, a bob, a yoke under the ear become the practical short cuts of reference for the over 50s, even because they are also easy to keep in order.


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