Prediabetes: consuming this spice would protect against type 2 diabetes

5 million French people suffer from type 2 diabetes. This disease is characterized by an excessively high level of glucose in the blood, which can have serious consequences on health.

Before getting to type 2 diabetes, patients go through the prediabetes phase. The blood sugar of the latter is a little high but not enough to speak of diabetes. While normal fasting blood sugar should be less than 1.10 g / L, it is between 1.10 g / L and 1.25 g / L for prediabetes. Beyond 1.26 g / L, we talk about diabetes. Problem: 80% of untreated prediabetes turn into type 2 diabetes.

Researchers believe they have found a surprising way to control blood sugar in prediabetic patients, thereby avoiding the dreaded transition to type 2 diabetes: cinnamon. The results of their study are available in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

Prediabetes: cinnamon helps stabilize blood sugar

To discover the amazing effects of cinnamon on prediabetes, the researchers followed 51 volunteers with this glycemic disorder. They had to consume a capsule containing 500mg of cinnamon or a placebo three times a day for 12 weeks.

Researchers found that cinnamon supplements lowered blood glucose levels. Cinnamon was also well tolerated, no specific side effects were reported. “Our study showed the beneficial effects of adding cinnamon to the diet to keep blood sugar stable in participants with prediabetes.”, confirms Giulio R. Romeo, co-author of the study.

If these results are encouraging, the best way to avoid the transition from prediabetes to diabetes is to change your lifestyle. This requires the establishment of a balanced diet, regular physical activity and weight loss.

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