Pregnancy: how to prevent and relieve back pain?

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50 to 75% of pregnant women complain of back pain. And that’s normal: as your belly becomes rounded, your back arches under the baby’s weight. Your center of gravity is then thrown forward, but your abs, distended by pregnancy, no longer play the game. Here are some tips to relieve you.

If it is legion to suffer from the back when one is pregnant, it is not a pain to be taken lightly, as it can handicap the life of the mother-to-be. It must be said that while the baby is growing in utero, the entire lower back compensates under the weight of the unborn child. But what can be done to relieve them?

Recognize back pain

When you are pregnant, two pains can occur: back pain and pelvic pain. Back pain is characterized by pain in the lower back and / or in the spine. Pelvic pain is quite different, as it will be felt in the hips and in the pubis.

Put on your socks, get out of the car, go up the stairs or even roll over in bed… All of these things can become very complicated when you suffer from back pain.

Can we avoid back pain during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, it will be difficult to completely avoid back pain. With the baby growing in your womb, your whole body moves. But it is that said possible to minimize the risk of pain.

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1. Play soft sport

To avoid lower back or pelvic pain as much as possible, the first tactic to adopt is certainly to have a muscular back, so that it resists all the changes caused by pregnancy. So think about practicing a gentle sport on a regular basis: yoga, swimming or even brisk walking … You will find other tips to stay in shape during pregnancy in this article.

2. Sleep on a good mattress

Having a recent and good quality mattress is essential for a pregnant woman: it will allow you to have a good sleep, but also to avoid back pain due to bad postures.

3. Have comfortable shoes

Walking with comfortable shoes that are suitable for your feet will save you a lot of inconvenience, including back pain. Opt for flat shoes or low heels, and maybe consider putting soles on them for more comfort!

4. Minimize weight gain

It’s no secret: to avoid back pain, you need to control your weight gain. Throughout your pregnancy, choose a healthy and varied diet, and be aware of what you eat. Are you wondering why some women gain more weight than others during pregnancy? An expert answered this question in one of our articles that you can find here.

Some tips to relieve you

If you experience pain in your back, we recommend that you take the time to see a doctor. You can also go see an osteopath, a physiotherapist or ask your gynecologist for advice on how to treat this pain.

  • Enjoying a hot bath: a hot water bottle or stream of hot water can help reduce pain.
  • Lift his legs: lie down while making sure your back is straight. Then lift your leg and stretch them gently.
  • Make the back round: get on all fours and round your back, making sure to put your head inward. Breathe gently and consciously, then return to the neutral position, on all fours on the floor. You can also help yourself with a gym ball.
  • Schedule a special massage for pregnant women: massages for pregnant women are certainly intended to relax the mother-to-be, but also to relieve her of many pregnancy ailments, including back and hip pain.
  • Wear a posture belt: these belts, which can be found in stores specializing in corsetry but also in pharmacies, take over part of the weight of your belly, thereby relieving your back and your hips.
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More health tips for expectant mothers

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