Pretty complexion: 5 simple daily steps to look good

The reasons why you have a dull, yellow or graying skin tone are diverse and varied: lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, anemia, polluted environment, hormonal factors, stress … It is therefore essential to understand the reason for your Dull complexion, in order to treat the problem at its source. In the meantime, here are some tips to give your skin a boost so that it can regain a vitamin-rich color and wake up with beautiful skin.

1 / Healthy glow: properly hydrate your skin

Beautiful skin is above all well hydrated skin. Each skin type (dry, normal or oily) should receive a very specific and daily care. It is also advisable to use two types of cream, one for the day, and one for the night. For what reasons ? Simply because your skin does not have the same needs day and night. During the day, it is subjected to all types of aggressions: pollution, sun, cold, dust… The day cream is therefore used to protect the skin from these external aggressions. The night cream, meanwhile, contains different active ingredients that aim to help the skin to regenerate. Once a week, perform a mask rich in vitamin C to give a boost to your complexion.

2 / Healthy glow: cleanse your skin daily

In order to eliminate the impurities that lodge in your skin throughout the day, it is essential to clean your face daily using an oil or a cleansing gel adapted to your skin type. The goal ? Remove dead cells to make your complexion more even and smoother. Be careful, however, not to cleanse or exfoliate your face excessively, at the risk of attacking your skin.

3 / Good looks: treat your dark circles

The eye contour is the most fragile area of ​​the face. As a result, the skin at this location scars faster. It is therefore important to take care of this particularly delicate area with appropriate care, in order toavoid dark circles. While sleep is of course the best way to get rid of it, there are some tips that can give you an extra boost. Massage the contour of your eyes with the index finger, from the inner corner to the tip to activate blood circulation. Cucumber slices or cold infused tea bags (made from chamomile) are also very effective: to be placed on each eye for about ten minutes. Morning and evening, remember to apply a special eye contour treatment before your cream.

4 / Look good: drink enough water

Cream is important for hydrating your skin, sure, but water is even more so. She has the power to detoxify our body and our cells. According to health professionals, you should drink at least 1.5L of water per day. This is the amount needed to hydrate our body on a daily basis and so that our skin can preserve its natural radiance and suppleness. If you have difficulty drinking water, you can opt for herbal teas, or thyme-based tea: an excellent anti-fatigue.

5 / Healthy glow: apply blush

Nothing is more effective for people with dull skin than good blow of blush on the cheekbones. It gives a healthy glow immediate. If you have dry skin, go for creamy or liquid blushes. On the contrary, if it is oily, prefer powder blushes. In terms of colors, rosy blushes will go perfectly with light skin tones. Coral tones are best for dark skin tones and flashy tones will work fine on dark skin.

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