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Many of those who try to adhere to a healthy lifestyle understand that without a normal nutritional system, they will not be able to feel fully healthy. Until now, experts in different fields argue which one, fractional meals or three meals a day, can really be considered complete and not harmful to health. We tried to study various expert opinions on this topic, as well as scientific research, having prepared a full-fledged material for you with basic information. In the article we will try to understand the principles of both systems, in their positive and negative aspects.

The most popular advice on many weight loss blogs is to eat small meals 5-6 times throughout the day, every 3 hours. This is the basic principle of a fractional diet. In contrast, many scientists argue that only eating three meals a day with small snacks in between can be considered beneficial and harmless to humans.

Three meals a day scheme

The habit of eating three times a day supplementing the main portions with small snacks has long been understood by many since childhood. The scheme – breakfast, lunch and dinner allows the presence of two small snacks between them, which are also called second breakfast and afternoon tea. The interval between main meals with such a system is 4-5 hours, and at one time a person consumes about 500 grams. products.

Breakfast, according to many experts and nutritionists, is basic, so it should contain a maximum of nutrients and slow carbohydrates. However, studies have shown that neglecting this rule or skipping breakfast altogether has no effect on total calories consumed per day. For lunch, it is customary to include at least 2 dishes and a dessert in the diet, while for dinner it should be limited to lighter food. In any case, it is worth watching the portions, as blind overeating is harmful to any system.

Digestion of food with three meals a day

According to nutritionists, this scheme is optimal, since it allows you to get enough for a long period of time. Also, here it is necessary to take into account the basic rule of the body’s digestive system – digestion lasts about 5 hours. Thus, during these intervals, the stomach is not overloaded with additional calories, which can begin to accumulate as excess fat.

Another feature is the production of bile every 4 hours.… That is, it is better to eat better still adhering to the four-hour interval. After this time, when all the enzymes have already been split and the stomach is ready for a new portion of food, it sends a signal to the brain – a person feels hunger. For this, snacks are necessary – they help to muffle it and “delay” the time until the next portion of food.

How to avoid harm to the body from a diet with three meals a day?

If you approach one or another principle of food consumption incorrectly, you can easily harm the body. You can make such a diet only beneficial if you listen to your inner feelings. Do not eat too much at a time. If after a meal there is a clear feeling of oversaturation and heaviness in the abdomen, then the portion must be reduced. Also, the process of eating should not be too fast. It is necessary to chew carefully and measuredly – so it will be easier for the stomach to digest. To find out what other PP norms are, we advise you to read the article “Ideal nutrition – diet rules”.

Fractional or three meals a day?

The debate about how to eat is preferable to this day. Based on many studies, it can be concluded that choosing one or another type of diet should be based on the goal. If a person’s priority is simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a normal body shape, then the best option is breakfast, lunch and dinner. When there is a need to lose weight. then you should not cut or add the number of meals, but cut back on the amount of calories consumed. The fractional principle is optimal only for professional athletes or people with diseases of the digestive system, for whom such a scheme is indicated at the conclusion of a doctor.

Three servings per day

Digestion of food in fractional meals

As already described above, the optimal time between meals is at least 4 hours.… Often, with a fractional diet, such an interval cannot be maintained. Some studies also indicate that with such a system, a person ceases to feel hunger, which can play a cruel joke – provoking a restructuring of hormonal control processes. Thus, the risk of gaining excess weight, on the contrary, increases. From this we can conclude that the principle of dividing food into small portions can only be adhered to by someone who knows how to correctly calculate the amount of food consumed and has sufficient willpower to follow the norms exactly. And if you just strive to eat the way it will be good for your body, then you should pay attention to the article “Proper nutrition as a way of life.”

Alternative to split and three meals a day

Often a person is interested in the correct lifestyle and appropriate food when he sets himself the goal of losing excess weight. In this case, you must adhere to several basic rules, namely:

  • systematic consumption of food at the same time every day and with an interval between meals of at least 4 hours;
  • complete and varied dishes with a predominance of vegetables, unsweetened fruits and berries;
  • drinking enough clean water;
  • exclusion of all kinds of “harmfulness” in the form of smoked, salted, canned. flour and too sweet products.

The girl eats right

Do not forget that it is better to use seasonal products. Summer is the time for vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. In the cooler season, a rich protein meal is needed. Thus, choosing which is better fractional meals or three meals a day, one cannot make an unambiguous conclusion. You need to build on your goals and monitor the body’s response. An alternative to these two principles can be, as it is now customary to call it, conscious food consumption, which embodies all of the listed principles.

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