1143PCS Senbo Engineering Vehicle Mixer Sets Educational Blocks Toys

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Series: Technology Machinery Series
Suitable age: 7 years old and above
Material: ABS plastic
Number of pieces: 1143pcs
Inertial drive
Put the product on the ground and push forward, the car will move forward due to inertia
Flexible joints
While pushing the wheels of the engineering truck to roll, the cement bucket will simulate the agitation of cement and roll flexibly
The rear armrest can be put down
The rear armrest can be turned up or down
Analog discharge system
Rotating the cylindrical part can drive the discharge system to swing left and right
Controllable direction
Turn the rotary handle to control the first 4 tires to the left or right to control the direction of the vehicle
Body function analysis
Multiple joints flexibly link to show the real model
Rearview mirror can rotate 180 °
Water tank design
Cement mixing tank
The door can be opened and closed
Anti-skid tires
Manual console

1*Senbo Engineering Vehicle Mixer Sets Educational Blocks Toys

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