Hibou Coding & Robotics Programmed Robot Car Kit Steam Early Education Learning AI Programming Toy

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Programming Toy: The product has completed the programming, no programming, only through the game to help children understand the logic of programming, make children more intelligent. 1. Select the task on the map (action drawing) (touch the selection with the bottom of the robot) and you will hear the task. 2. A card that combines programming instructions to convey instructions to a robot for continuous behavior. 3. Task: put the robot at the starting point of the map, the robot will automatically correct the direction and walk according to the route ordered by the card. After the task is completed, the robot will turn around in a circle.
.Other Playing Method: 1. Maze game, only the right way to the end. 2. Automatic line tracing technology: the robot can automatically follow the line by drawing the line on white paper with a big pen. 3. Music creation: refer to the score, click the number on the paper with the bottom of the robot, and finally put the robot in the middle to realize automatic music playing. You can click on a number to create your own music. 4. Instrument appreciation:use the bottom of the robot to click on the instrument pattern to enjoy different instrument music. 5. Recognize letters and animals: click on the letters or animals at the bottom of the robot and the corresponding names will be read out
.A Variety of Operational Drawings: Space exploration map (programming use) – simulation of the solar system scene to give children science space knowledge. Life travel map (used by programming) to simulate daily life scenes. Maze map, letter card, music chart, scene story map.
.Coordinate Positioning Technology: Including OID code, coordinate positioning algorithm, the robot can automatically center, automatically correct, automatically stop, automatically read
.45 Programming Instruction Card: Command cards with different commands can be splicing, through free combination, the robot’s continuous behavior could be controlled
Robot Size:70×70×65mm 
Box Size:315×259×80mm 
Input voltage:5V 1000mA 
Micro USB:USB2.0 
Task Pamphlet:1PC 
Instruction Cards:45PCS
Theme Maps:4PCS 
Splicing Boards:48PCS
Music Melody:1PC
USB Cable:1PC 

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