Small Hammer DIY 4DOF RC Robot Arm Tank with PS2 Remote Control

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SKU: 1701221 Category: Robot Toys
This is a four-degree-of-freedom remote control robot driven by and controlled by PS2 remote control.
control board is easy to use
Low cost, economical and low threshold
Integrated expansion board for easy installation
Open source code, support mixly drag and drop programming
Provide online tutorials
Model: R3
Weight: 650g
Chassis size: 203 x155 x63mm
Claw straightening up to 165mm
Voltage: 3-9v
Motor reduction ratio: 48:1
Motor line length: 15cm
Track width: 4.5cm
Track material: hard plastic
Matters needing attention: assembled with certain difficulty, buy carefully
Shipping list:
1*Small Hammer DIY 4DOF RC Robot Arm Tank (without battery)
1*PS2 Remote Control

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