Professional hair dye: rating of the 12 best dyes

professional hair dyeing

The safest dye for hair is ammonia-free. Most often, the composition of such paints includes many useful ingredients, including caring oils that take care of the health of the curls during dyeing. The only drawback of this dye is that it does not paint over gray hair by 100 percent. That is why this option is perfect for those who just want to change the shade or make the natural color more saturated.

Introducing our top ammonia-free paints.

  • Chromatics, Redken, – a persistent dye with a multi-faceted 4D staining effect, capable of lighten curls up to three tone levels. The alkaline dye is based on the ODS technology, which assumes the presence of oils and protein extracts, as well as proteins. Due to this, the dyes penetrate deeply into the hair structure. In addition, they envelop the hair cuticles, providing radiance and long lasting color.
    What do you need? Developers Redken Chromatics… They are presented in concentrations 3%, 6%, 9%.
  • Shades Eq Gloss, Redken, – semi-permanent dye based on acidic pH. Thanks to a mixture of direct and oxidative pigments, the product provides the most practical color. The product has a gel formula that gives the curls extra shine, and is also suitable for shade renewal and color correction. At the same time, the dye provides light coverage up to 50 percent gray hair.
    What do you need? Developer Shades EQ.
  • Inoa, L’Oréal Professionnel, – a line of permanent paints that do not contain ammonia. ODS technology allows you to deliver the dye inside the hair using oil, which provides the most gentle effect and preserves the protective layer of each strand. In addition, the product effectively dyes the hair, and, if necessary, lightens up to three tone levels, and this with a minimum concentration of alkali.
    What do you need? Occident Name ODS2 on 3%, 6% or 9%.
  • Dye Color Sync, Matrix, allows you not only to make the perfect coloring, but also to restore the shade of the hair and even tone the blond. The product has a new color retention formula that saturates all strands with color pigments, and limited reflective polymers give hair a shine. Since there is no ammonia in the paint, the product significantly improves the structure of the curls, restoring and moisturizing them: ceramides fill the damaged areas of the hair, and also smooth the cuticle. For dazzling blondes Color Sync there is separate palette, for lovers of watercolor – Color Sync Watercolors, and for glossing and super-radiance – acidic pH toner.
    What do you need? Activator Color Sync 2,7%.
  • Dia, L’Oréal Professionnel, ideal for hair weakened by permanent lightening. In particular, it is on this dye, on its palette Dialight, the procedure is carried out French Gloss – such a special balayage for very sensitive and damaged strands. Also, the dye palette is included in our rating of professional paints Dia Wealth, which acts quickly, gives shine and camouflages gray hair (provided that it is not abundant).
    What do you need? Developer Day 1.8%, developer Day 2.7%.
dyeing with ammonia professional hair dye
professional ammonia hair dye

The tone of previously dyed hair with ammonia-free paint cannot be significantly changed. But sometimes you want fashionable ash blond… Or reflections rose gold on the strands. How to be? Make friends with ammonia! SalonSecret’s top-rated professional ammonia hair dyes include our experts’ favorites for consistently dense and uniform coverage.

They are chosen by top stylists:

  • Blonde Idol High Lift, Redken, – a line of dyes designed specifically for light shades. The alkaline-based product allows you to lighten curls up to five levels of tone, as well as color tone on tone. Despite this, the dye does not affect the hair structure as aggressively as with the usual lightening procedure. The palette has 12 shades from cold to warm, which will allow you to choose the desired tone.
    What do you need? Universal for Redken oxide Pro-Oxide.
  • Majirel line, L’Oréal Professionnel, is a dye with a rich palette and rich colors. The composition of the paint contains the microcationic polymer Ionene G, as well as the innovative molecule Incell – together they provide deep care and protection of hair during dyeing. In addition, the line includes a color development system as well as a system for high color fastness. The dye will create a dense coverage and completely paint over the gray hair.
    What do you need? Occident cream L’Oreal Professional on 3,75%, 6%, 9% or 12%.
  • Extra Coverage, Matrix, – we will talk about this dye especially in the selection of super-resistant professional hair dyes, and now we will note a separate collection for gray hair in its palette. There are the most delicate creamy shades and natural colors with different undertones, and the pigments are self-adjusting, which allows you to create a unique image and paint over the gray hair 100%.
    What do you need? Oxidant cream Matrix in concentration 3%, 6% or for example 12%.
long-lasting professional hair dyes
long-lasting professional hair dyes

A big plus of professional hair dyes is that they provide long-term coloring that will not wash off and will not fade two to three weeks after the procedure. However, many brands produce paints that provide a perfect finish that lasts about two to three months.

We asked SalonSecret experts what the best long-lasting professional hair color is. Opinions were divided, therefore in the rating there are three professional paints with their own characteristics.

  • Majirel Cool Cover, L’Oréal Professionnel, – an excellent choice when you need a clean and rich cold shade (the palette has a large selection of dark and light tones for every taste) or the task is to completely cover the gray hair. The dye is very resistant and strong, but after dyeing the hair becomes soft and well-groomed. Colorists mix it with tones from other lines Majirel to create unique nuances that are always stylish and sophisticated. Suitable for both complex stainingand for tone on tone technique.
  • Dye Luo Color, L’Oréal Professionnel, designed for long-lasting dyeing and creating a multi-faceted hair color. The product allows you to maintain the natural color relief of curls and provides incredible shine. Thanks to the grape seed oil included in the composition, the hair after dyeing will be moisturized and covered with a protective film. The paint also contains Protect Shine and Reflect Shine systems. Together they strengthen the curls during dyeing and restore their surface.
  • Persistent cream paint, Matrix, provides the most dense coverage, dyes the hair tone-on-tone and even restores its color. In addition to uniform coloring, the product also cares for the hair thanks to the Cera-Oil conditioning complex (it contains jojoba oil, polymers and a complex of ceramides), which strengthens the hair cortex, restores the cuticle and makes the surface smooth. As a bonus – over 115 shades to choose from!
choosing a professional hair dye
how to choose professional hair dyes

A good professional hair color should be easy to apply, especially if you intend to use it. at home… Almost all of them are cream, there should be no problems. Here are three professional paints that are especially suitable for the home. But we still recommend the salon and the hands of an experienced colorist.

  • Chromatics Beyond Cover, Redken, is an ammonia-free dye with an alkaline base. Its use at home is considered as convenient as possible due to the fact that the shades are pre-mixed in the tube. In addition, argan oil, protein extracts, ceramides, antioxidants, acai berries and vitamin E can be found in the paint. The above ingredients take care of curls and make them incredibly shiny. Also, hair will not be damaged during dyeing!
  • Dia Richesse line, L’Oréal Professionnel, designed for tone-on-tone dyeing and is ideal for girls who decide to dye their hair for the first time. A big plus of the paint is that to achieve the desired shade, you only need to keep it for about 20 minutes. The product does not contain ammonia, so you cannot ruin the curls using professional paint at home. This product is able to cover up to 70 percent of gray hair.
  • Color Gel Lacquers, Redken, – a line of hair dye products with a very low ammonia content in a gentle composition. The main feature of the dye is that it has a gel texture, which makes it convenient to use not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Another plus: proteins are included in the formula, they strengthen the curls and make them shiny. The paint palettes have a group of cool shades, warm naturals and fashion shades for those who like to experiment.


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