Prom makeup for green eyes

It is very easy for girls with green eyes to find the perfect makeup for themselves. There are a lot of eye shadow colors that suit them. So you can experiment with color combinations to create truly memorable looks. The main thing is to take into account certain rules and recommendations. The prom is the perfect occasion for a bold make-up that will make you stand out from the crowd. In this article, you will learn how to get the right prom makeup for green eyes and how to choose colors that match your type of appearance.

What colors should you not use?

Green eyes are considered quite versatile in terms of choosing the right color, but there are still shades that can ruin the image. Makeup artists classify only three tones as prohibited – these are blue, red and silver. Silver and blue make the eyes visually smaller, while red makes the look painful (and even tear-stained).

Fundamental rules

Prom evening makeup should be perfect, completely thoughtful. Do not be afraid to draw attention to yourself and stand out, because this day will be unforgettable for you. So it’s time to try yourself in a new look, testing a new combination of eyeshadows or choosing a lipstick shade that is not quite typical for you.

Light makeup with purple, peach or bronze eyeshadows is best suited for girls with green eyes. All tones of these primary colors look magical on green eyes.


A completely safe option would be to use smoky eyeshadows, shaded over the entire surface of the eyelid. To create such a makeup, you can use both the usual black and brown-chocolate eyeshadows, as well as dark purple, emerald or any others.


The eye makeup will complete with a beautiful eyeliner that matches your color type and cosmetics that you use in your make-up. You can use the classic black liner for eye-catching graphic arrows, or go for a more subtle color like brown. This type of eyeliner is more suitable for fair-haired girls. The same goes for gray eyeliner (in whatever shade you like).

Another way to make your makeup more unusual is to highlight the ends of your eyelashes with colored mascara. This is not difficult. Just paint over your lashes with one coat of black mascara, then gently brush over the ends with the colored product. Purple or green mascara is perfect for this purpose. It will not be very noticeable, but it will immediately give a special charm.


You can try using copper eyeshadow. They go well with a gray or brown pencil or liner and are suitable for girls of a “light” color type. Copper colors work wonderfully with green eyes, so you will definitely look good with this makeup. The only exception is girls with a “dark” color type (for example, brunettes or ladies with voluminous and wide eyebrows).

The final stage of this evening make-up is to use the correct shade of lipstick. You can choose the tone that best matches your chosen look. Makeup artists usually advise green-eyed young ladies to wear red, terracotta or coral lipstick. It is they who are best suited in color to green-eyed beauties.


How to choose a make-up for your color type?


All of the tips given earlier were pretty general. Now it’s time to make the process of choosing a color palette more personal. It is worth considering how to choose colors and shades that suit not only rich green eyes, but also skin tone and hair shade.

Colors for brunettes

Dark haired young girls at their prom, they can safely choose colors with a metallic tint. They will definitely suit you. Here you can even experiment with silver before your eyes, the main thing is to be able to beat it correctly. These colors are especially suitable for dark-haired owners of brown-green eyes. It will be possible to complement such an image with light blush. Touch the tip of the brush to the very “apples” so that the makeup does not turn out too vulgar.

Brunettes with green eyes their color can be accentuated and made deeper with darker shadows. The only shade that should definitely be discarded is dark copper. As for the lipstick, matched to such a make-up, it should be rich and bright enough. It is best to opt for a wine or cherry color lipstick. However, if you are looking for something calmer that would fit a beautiful delicate dress for the evening, apply nude lipstick.

Brown-haired women


Beautiful brown-haired women with green eyes, you can experiment with a lot of shades. You can combine different colors of pencils, eyeshadows and mascaras. The main thing is that they all blend well and match your natural green color, making it more interesting and beautiful.

Girls with light blond hair you can use brown mascara and chocolate shades of eyeshadow. If your hair is darker, almost black, then the eyelashes need to be painted over with classic black mascara. Otherwise, your eyelashes will appear faded and your eyes look expressionless (despite the rich green color).

Girls with brown hair amber and emerald shades of eyeshadow are also perfect. To keep your eyes from looking tired, but shining, use the most saturated shades. For girls with such natural beauty, you can do prom makeup using ruby ​​eyeshadow. They will make the look more attractive and the eye color richer.

How to make up for blondes?

Blondes with green eyes – this is a rarer color type. The most beautiful type, as many believe, is a girl with well-groomed wheat-colored hair and beautiful olive eyes. If this is exactly your type, then you can safely use a pencil of a deep gray or ash shade. As far as blush or bronzer goes, they should definitely not stand out too much on your skin. Choose a tone that looks as natural as possible on your face.

For girls with darker skin shades of brown and beige are suitable. You can try using eyeshadows with a light pearlescent sheen. They will not spoil your appearance, but will make the image more delicate and light. You can also complement your makeup with interesting glitters that adorn your face.

Very often blondes are different very cold color type… If you have such a “winter” appearance with ash curls and gray-green eyes, then there are two ways for you to go. First, you can use cool colors to create a sophisticated look that will make you look different from your classmates. Another option is to “warm” your appearance using brown eyeshadow and mascara. Using these products for the eyes will make your look much softer and more delicate.


Red-haired graduates


If you want to do makeup for such a special event on your own, then it will be quite possible to cope with this, if you have at least some basic skills and have been painting yourself for a couple of years. To create beautiful makeup that suits girls with green eyes, you need to follow all the rules. Always correct any imperfections in your appearance and even out your complexion. After all, at the prom, your skin should be perfect – even, beautiful and radiant. Only then will the make-up be admired.

Before applying shadows, whatever color they are, it is advisable to use a base. This will prolong the wear of the eyeshadow, and you will shine all day and evening.

If you don’t have a base for the eyeshadow and don’t want to buy one, simply dusting the eyelids or using a light layer of concealer can be done. Green eyes should be framed by perfect brows, neat fluffy eyelashes and well-blended eyeshadow. This will make the eye color more saturated and vivid.

To keep your look healthy and radiant, touch up areas with a highlighter or a soft white pencil after finishing your classic make-up. It can also make some of your facial features stand out or mask something. Accentuate your lips with beautiful lipstick or a subtle gloss with a delicate texture. After that, you can safely go to a celebration that will definitely be remembered. Everyone around you will be absolutely delighted with your image, you will be able to make a stunning impression!

How to do prom makeup for green eyes, see the next video.


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