Pros and cons of eyebrow lamination

Once upon a time lamination of hair was a novelty for girls. The curls became healthier and more obedient, they had a healthy shine. Today it is no surprise to anyone that eyebrow lamination can be done.

This procedure has its supporters and opponents. Some say that there are only positive aspects in lamination, others, on the contrary. They say that the procedure is harmful to the eyebrows. To understand who is right, you need to identify all the pros and cons.


  1. The eyebrows become noticeably thicker, as the nutrients penetrate the hairs and, as it were, cover them from all sides.Pros and cons of eyebrow lamination
  2. The eyebrows become “obedient”. Each hair lies against a hair, there are no protruding hairs.
  3. Eyebrows do not need to be dyed for a while, as the color will remain for a long time.
  4. Despite the fact that the procedure was performed, the eyebrows do not look “done”. On the contrary, they look as natural as possible.Pros and cons of eyebrow lamination
  5. The ingredients in the product accelerate hair growth. The eyebrows grow faster and the hairs look healthier.
  6. It is not necessary to restore eyebrows after lamination. Immediately you can go to the sauna, sunbathe or steam. Nothing will happen to the eyebrows.


Despite all the advantages, there are also disadvantages to this procedure:

  1. For some women, fortunately, there are not many of them; they immediately develop an allergy to the components of the lamination product.
  2. Pregnancy and the entire lactation period also became a contraindication, since it is not known whether the procedure affects the baby.
  3. All surgical interventions indicate that it is impossible to resort to the procedure.
  4. Women with very sensitive skin may experience redness or irritation.
  5. If some draglines did not grow properly, then they will begin to bristle when growing back. Therefore, it will be necessary to get rid of such hairs immediately. This is done by ordinary plucking with tweezers.Pros and cons of eyebrow lamination
  6. Eyebrow lamination is a procedure that does not have a cumulative effect. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of unnecessary hairs constantly.
  7. The procedure is quite expensive. Therefore, not every woman can afford this pleasure.

Before you do eyebrow lamination, you need to go for a consultation with a specialist. An experienced master will tell you the right decision if a girl doubts whether she should decide on this procedure.Pros and cons of eyebrow lamination

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