protect a student and his family from the coronavirus

The modern schoolchild knows about the complex epidemiological situation in the world. Even if he is a first grader and does not sit for hours in front of the TV in the company of a suspicious adult, he is well aware of the threat of the virus. Parents need to be ready to answer the child’s questions about infections; for scientific information, it is not a sin to turn to the materials and lectures of specialized information resources.

Posters explaining modes of transmission and how to protect against infection are helpful in educating children about health. They can be downloaded, printed and used to decorate apartments and classrooms in schools. Don’t be shy about offering this kind of help to teachers.

Preventing the spread of coronavirus at school

Efficiency medical mask on a student in a class I have to question. Which child will deny himself the pleasure of showing his tongue to the teacher and not being punished for it? How do you like the idea of ​​exchanging masks with a friend or painting the muzzle with watercolors? The dangers of this accessory will be greater than the benefits.

It is better not to give an alcoholic antiseptic to children or to warn the ambulance and firefighters in advance about your action. It burns great and has a number of other advantages, which I will not spread in the public domain. Another thing – wet wipes and soap… The child will use these items for their intended purpose.

Parenting will help prevent coronavirus in the educational team neatness… Explain to the student that:

  • It is indecent to eat the same delicacy together; if you want to share it with a friend, ask the cook in the dining room to cut a fruit / candy / pie. Girls should be educated about the admissibility for a lady to paint her lips with the same lipstick with a girlfriend.
  • It is indecent to whisper, to conduct a conversation, as close as possible to the interlocutor.
  • To be lazy to wash your hands, wipe them with an antiseptic – harm yourself.
  • Touching your face with your hands, licking your fingers, or just pushing them into your mouth is bad manners.

The wording of the rules may surprise – why not a word about the risk of infection? Because it is not necessary to turn an already shocked by the terrible news about coronavirus into a child neurotic, but he will have to bring up good manners. Why not start now?

Prevention of the spread of coronavirus among the family of a student

Photo: DepositphotosSARS-CoV-2, once outside the human body, dies quickly enough. Habitual wet cleaning can significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus brought from school through the apartment. It is advisable to wash the student’s clothes daily.

Children who have already turned 6 years old should normally show independence and not climb on the hands of adults. If, for some reason, the child continues to repeat earlier forms of behavior, it is time for parents to stop admiring the affectionate baby and begin to educate their offspring in behavior consistent with his age.

Hugging and kissing when you meet do not fall into the list of unacceptable manifestations of tenderness in relation to the most dear people. If a person from a risk group lives in an apartment with a schoolboy, then such an innocent sign of love turns into a mortal threat.

Here grandparents should take the initiative. Why not introduce the Japanese version of the greeting or return to the rituals that once existed in Versailles? A young child will be delighted with the new game, and a teenager will respect the informal old people.

It is very important to overcome the prejudice of adults towards schoolchildren. Many families run the misconception that children are potential liars and fake. When a child complains of poor health, but does not look dying, he is scolded and sent to school. Such barbaric practices will spread the disease.

How to protect a student and his family from coronavirus? 2. Prevention
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Psychological prevention of coronavirus

There is a connection between the psychological state of the child and the risk of infection. A good mood will not destroy viral particles that have already entered the body, but it can prevent a number of dangerous actions that increase the risk of infection.

The worst thing that can be done by conducting explanatory work with a child before going to school is to intimidate him with the death of him or his loved ones. The topic of death already worries children, they need the support of older, experienced comrades who are able to calm their fears. Of all the horror stories about the prospects of coronavirus infection in households, the child will remember the worst, confirming his guesses. This will definitely not make him neater.

What does an ordinary person do when they are afraid of something? Covers his face with his hands. This movement is developed in our species in the course of evolution. Now let’s imagine a child experiencing continuous horror at the imminent death of loved ones. He will defend himself with enviable regularity from an invisible threat by touching his face with unwashed hands.

Situational fear of one’s own imagination is not a problem. Things will take a sad turn if a student develops a neurosis, and constant scratching and touching the face will turn out to be a syndrome of obsessive movements. Here you will need the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist.

How to protect a student and his family from the coronavirus? 2. Prevention
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Prevention of coronavirus infection in children is not much different from the adult option: scientific knowledge and personal hygiene are the best defenders. In the classroom, as in society, the enlightened majority is able to influence the situation. If a child does not have such authorities as parents and teachers, then the main task of these adults and conscious people is to create an environment where everyone will accept the general rules of behavior. He will accept it not on pain of reprisals, but after clarification from peers and friends.

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