Puffy wedding dresses

According to search engine statistics, modern brides are most interested in fluffy wedding dresses. The popularity of lush outfits is quite understandable and justified, because it is a dress with a voluminous skirt that will help create the most feminine and festive look. A fluffy dress allows you to look beautiful and spectacular at any party and especially at a wedding.

The only downside to these lovely outfits is their prevalence and silhouette similarities. Very often brides are similar to one another, therefore, when buying a dress, you need to think over all the nuances, thanks to which you can differ from other brides.

How to choose a fluffy wedding dress

How to choose a dress so as not to lose your own individuality and merge with other brides? Can you choose a dress exclusively from the 2018 collection? Unfortunately, this will not help, because a fluffy white dress from the current collection may not differ in any way from the outfits of previous seasons.

It will even be a shame when you find out that other girls bought a model from past collections much cheaper and even better. Where, then, to choose the most important dress? In fact, there is nothing difficult about this, and if you follow Militta’s advice, you can create a unique, effective look.

Red wedding dresses

1. Dress color

The easiest way to be different from all brides is to choose a different color. Pastel shades or a bright dress of red, or maybe purple, will immediately make your look unique. Everyone knows that a wedding dress does not have to be white, but most choose exclusively white.

Lush wedding dress - unusual models

Remember when you saw a bride in a red dress with lace and a full skirt? Perhaps you remember the bride in the lavender dress? This choice is still a huge rarity. Despite all this talk about individuality and freedom, a rare girl decides to choose a different color. Although there are no prohibitions, even the church permits lush attire in a variety of shades. In addition to completely rejecting white, it is possible to combine two colors in different ways, including when a colored transparent fabric covers some elements of a white outfit.

Yellow and blue dress
Crown for the bride

2. Crown and belt

Wedding salons offer a variety of accessories, but in our case, a crown and a luxurious belt are best suited. In the minds of most people, a dress with a voluminous skirt is associated with balls of the aristocracy, where the queen was in charge. The crown is the main symbol of royalty, which means that it alone is enough to make our image unique.

Even the most ordinary white fluffy dress will transform thanks to the crown. You just need to choose a high crown for the whole head, and not a small diadem or a doll’s crown with a diameter of 5 centimeters.

A contrasting belt in red or black, decorated with embroidery, beads or pearls will also transform the white look, especially if the belt has one end that is long and falls down the skirt almost to the floor.

Lush dress with flowers

3. Embroidery and flowers from brightly colored fabric

Some designers regularly offer wedding dresses with beautiful decor – embroidery and voluminous flowers from fabric in bright colors. This decor is great for the bride’s look, and most importantly, you can not give up white. At the same time, do not get lost in the crowd of other brides.

In addition to embroidery and flowers, there are also sequins, which are now at their peak of popularity. Colored sequins can be folded into an ornament and decorate the image, at the same time making you unique.

4. Corset and fluffy skirt of different colors

A fluffy skirt goes well with a corset; together they can bring the bride’s figure and the whole image closer to the ideal. But the corset does not have to be the same color as the skirt. In general, these two elements can be completely separate, the main thing is that they make up a single set. For example, a white fluffy skirt with small feathers and a red embroidered corset.

5. Ombre or gradient on the skirt

We are delighted when we see a smooth flow from one color to another in a manicure. But a flawless transition between tones can decorate a fluffy skirt. A chic option, when the very bottom of the hem is painted in bright red, and as it rises, it smoothly turns into white.

Gradient on the skirt
Wedding dress with feathers

6. Feathers

Feathers by themselves create fluffiness and airiness, but they have their drawbacks. A feather skirt is very warm, almost like a fur skirt, which is appropriate in the cold season and completely inapplicable in summer.

A rare wedding dress is decorated with long peacock feathers, but you can try to decorate the outfit with your own hands. The main thing is to observe the measure – 1-3 feathers will be enough to decorate the corset part of the dress.

7. Elements of a historical costume

Fluffy dresses have been popular in different eras. Look at the paintings of great artists and illustrations from the past, maybe you will find an image that you want to copy. You can order tailoring of a dress with an element of a historical costume based on a picture. Designers themselves are inspired by the heritage of our ancestors. Sometimes entire collections are inspired by princesses from the Middle Ages.

Fluffy Mallet Dress
Fluffy Mallet Dress

8. Mallet dress

Dresses with a full skirt, where the hem is much shorter in the front than in the back, are not unique, but such models are not often found. Only this outfit is perfect for tall, slender brides with long legs.

Long sleeve wedding dress

9. Long sleeve wedding dress

Surprisingly, an outfit with long sleeves will look unusual, in such a dress you will definitely not get lost among other brides. Militta talked many times about the advantages of a model with a sleeve, that real princesses and aristocracy choose just such outfits, but so far a dress with a sleeve is a rarity at a wedding.

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