Pulsatilla: in which cases to use this homeopathic remedy?

Pulsatilla: what is this homeopathic remedy?

The homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla is made from a plant: the pasque flower anemone. Also called “cockroach” (or ” Pulsatilla vulgaris “- that’s its scientific name), this hardy plant grows particularly in alpine regions: it is characterized by large purple flowers with fluffy petals.

If it is commonly used in homeopathy, pulsatile anemia is toxic when consumed fresh or as an infusion: it can in particular be the cause of potentially serious respiratory and cardiac disorders.

In homeopathy, Pulsatilla is recommended for emotional and shy people who easily change mood; this homeopathic remedy is also indicated against inflammation of the mucous membranes – conjunctivitis, nasopharyngitis, bronchitis …

Attention ! Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy: it is therefore a complementary treatment / adjunct treatment that can in no way replace medical treatment or a consultation with the doctor! If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or your doctor for advice.

Pulsatilla: what are the main indications of this homeopathic remedy?

  • Cooling. Pulsatilla 7 CH is aimed in particular at women and young girls who often have cold, pinkish tips of the hands, with a feeling of cold in the hands and feet. Take 3 granules every 5 minutes if you are going out in the middle of winter.
  • Feeding with milk. To regulate excess milk, take 3 granules 3 times a day of Pulsatilla 15 CH and Lac Caninum 15 CH. Do not hesitate to seek advice beforehand from your midwife or your gynecologist!
  • Amenorrhea. To harmonize the hormonal cycle in a young woman with a gentle and sensitive character, especially during the first menstrual cycles, take 1 dose of Pulsatilla 9 CH per month.
  • Loss of smell. If the loss of smell (anosmia) is related to a viral illness (eg flu) and is accompanied by loss of taste and / or loss of thirst, take Pulsatilla 7 CH, 2 granules twice a day until improvement. If the loss of smell is more related to nasopharyngitis (cold), take Magnesia Muriatica 9 CH, 2 granules 2 times a day until improvement.
  • Bloating. Pulsatilla 5 CH is indicated when the bloating is part of a context of slow digestion, intolerance to fatty and cold foods, flatulent colic, regurgitation and / or bad breath. Bloating gets worse when you eat hot, cold, or fatty foods.
  • Bronchitis. In addition to Sulfur 5 CH (which accelerates healing, 3 granules 3 times a day without meals), take Pulsatilla 5 CH if the bronchitis is characterized by a fatty and mild cough in the morning, drier in the evening – 3 granules 3 times a day outside of meals.
  • Headache. Against headaches that start after a meal that is too large and too fatty, take Pulsatilla 7 CH, 3 granules 2 times a day until improvement.
  • Conjunctivitis. In case of conjunctivitis characterized by eyelids stuck in the morning but slightly irritated, take Pulsatilla 7 CH (3 granules per day until improvement). Add Mercurius Solubilis 5 CH (3 granules per day until improvement) if there is yellowish pus.
  • Indigestion. In the event of gastric pain and / or heartburn and / or a feeling of “stone” in the stomach after a large meal that is too fatty or too cold, take Pulsatilla 5 CH, 3 granules every 15 minutes until improvement.
  • Halitosis. Against halitosis (that is to say: chronic bad breath) in a context of slow digestion and / or unpleasant regurgitation, take Pulsatilla 7 CH, 5 granules every evening until improvement.
  • The organ. To quickly treat a stye that manifests through stuck eyelids in the morning, take Pulsatilla 7 CH (2 granules per day until improvement), in combination with Hepar Sulfur 7 CH (2 granules per day also) which accelerates the ripening of the boil.
  • Serous otitis. The remedy Pulsatilla 7 CH is indicated in the event of yellow secretions in the case of chronic non-irritant otitis.
  • Greasy cough. Against a fatty cough with yellowish-greenish sputum which turns into a dry cough overnight, take Pulsatilla 5 CH, 5 granules 3 times a day until improvement.

Pulsatilla, psycho side: a very jealous person, but also shy, selfish, easily crying and / or suspicious will turn to Pulsatilla 30 CH, at the rate of 5 granules every day. A person who is easily offended, endowed with a gentle, jealous character, suspicious and / or in need of affection, rather take Pulsatilla 15 CH, 10 granules once a week. Finally, a shy, emotional, passive and / or modest young girl will opt for Pulsatilla 15 CH, 2 granules twice a day.

Source : The great book of homeopathy – Dr. Dominique-Jean Sayous, ed. Eyrolles.

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