Puma presented a form for Shakhtar players

On July 15, the Puma sports brand and the Shakhtar football club staged a show at the Ukrainian House on Khreshchatyk to present new sets of football uniforms.

Presentation began from a light show at the football arena. Breakdancers and bmx-eras appeared on the stage, moving to the rhythm of music. The new jerseys hung on transparent panels attached to the ceiling. On stage, street artists painted them with their graffiti. Then to the arena came out Shakhtar players.

Puma presented their form of play for the players
Puma presented their form of play for the players

You can get acquainted with the range on the official website of Puma and in the brand’s network of stores, as well as on the website of FC Shakhtar and in the stores of the brand’s partners: Megasport, Intersport and Decathlon.

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