Purple wedding dress 2018

Everyone already knows the most important color of 2018 – this is ultraviolet. Militta has talked about the properties of purple shades many times, and now is the time to take a look at a purple wedding dress. Such a choice seems bold, but it is quite reasonable and reasonable. There is nothing wrong, forbidden and crazy in choosing a purple dress for a celebration.

Purple is not black, no one will talk about bad omens, and slander the bride as if she was a witch and got the best groom by fortune-telling. Anyone with a bit of an interest in fashion knows that Pantone has named ultraviolet as the main color of 2018. Therefore, we have a great reason to decide on a wedding dress that is different from everyone else.

Why buy a purple wedding dress

1. We want to be unique, we talk about our individuality and exquisite inner world, but we dress like all people. Even for a wedding, when all the wealth of choice opens up, we buy a dress that is not much different from the outfits of other brides. Our wedding photos are not much different from photos from the celebration of girlfriends and relatives – everything, like people, everything is the same and standard. It turns out that we are only talking about individuality, but in fact we have neither individuality nor determination.

2. Purple is a very noble and spiritual color, the most unearthly of the rainbow shades. Guests will remember your dress for a long time and will share photos on social networks.

3. Let me remind you once again that Pantone was chosen as the main color of 2018 ultraviolet.

4. The purple color will allow you to use the outfit as an evening dress. Everyone is striving for practicality these days. Therefore, the ability to use the dress in the future is a significant plus.

Purple dress

5. Most brides are not actually allowed to wear a white dress! On the one hand, we want to distance ourselves from the rules, calling old traditions relics of the past, on the other hand, we cannot go beyond the framework of traditions, and we buy a white dress, because everyone does this.

By choosing white, we are taking the path of following traditions. If so, one must remember which bride is entitled to white. Only a pure virgin girl without an intimate past! All this sounds ridiculous today, but if we are so free, why are we afraid to buy a purple dress for our wedding?

There is little to do, find your own shade of purple, and buy the most important dress of your life.

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