Putting together an effective wardrobe in 4 steps

A typical situation for many women – the closet is crammed with a bunch of things, and only a couple of favorite sets are worn. And it seems there are new things, and even a couple of trendy ones, and a few basic ones. With them, blouses from school times, boots from students, and a festive dress from Prom. It turns out a prefabricated hodgepodge right in your closet.

It is not surprising that you are unable to “cook” delicious sets of your things. You may not know how to combine them with each other. You may not have anywhere to wear them. Or maybe they don’t fit your figure that way or don’t match in color. And therefore the hand simply does not reach to put them on. After all, getting ready for work in the morning, you still need to spend additional effort to figure out what’s what.

It is much easier to take something familiar that you were wearing just yesterday, well, or last week. And this is the right decision. Do not rake a bunch of things in the closet every day!

But it’s even better to create a working, efficient wardrobe. What does this mean? An effective wardrobe is a wardrobe without unnecessary items. Everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail: the first layer of clothing, the second, third, skirts, trousers, dresses, shoes, accessories. All things are worn and work out their value in the maximum number of sets. All things are combined with each other and have a modern cut.

So how do you build an effective wardrobe?

Step 1. The first thing you need to do is understand why you are composing images. Do you work in an office with a dress code? Or are you a mother on maternity leave? Or are you engaged in some kind of creative field? Each of these women will need completely different things. For some, jeans with a T-shirt and flat shoes are suitable, for others – discreet classic suits, and for others – a dress with a bright print.

Your efficient wardrobe

Everything is individual, and you must understand yourself, your lifestyle, your goals and objectives. Your wardrobe should be right for you, and there can be no universal lists of things. You choose everything for yourself, having carried out preliminary deep analytical work.

Step 2. Next, you need to decide what things are acceptable in your wardrobe, and conduct an audit. Acceptable, as we decided above, based on your lifestyle, goals and objectives.

What things do you not need at all now? Let’s say you have a lot of interesting mini skirts, but they are not at all appropriate to wear to the playground. Or you leave maternity leave to work, and your wardrobe has not been updated, and it is filled with jeans and sweaters.

What things have lost their appearance and become like an old rag, rolled, rubbed? What things have an outdated cut and left their relevance in the past 5 years ago? You should get rid of such things immediately. There is no place for them in your closet.

After the revision, you should have actual things that look good, match your lifestyle, fit perfectly on your figure and match your colors.

Your efficient wardrobe in 4 steps

Step 3. The next step is to create a shopping list. Surely, after revising the wardrobe, you will see that you will need to buy certain things. You will see that you are missing some things: not enough tops or completely inappropriate bottoms, perhaps you will find that you have absolutely no actual jewelry, few shoes or bags. And then you sit down to make a shopping list.

Ideally, write as detailed a list as possible in detail and variation. In it you write not just “skirt”, but “beige midi-length knitted skirt”. Or “a plaid straight-cut jacket up to mid-thigh length”.

Shopping list

Step 4. You go shopping and buy everything strictly according to the list. It is very important here to buy not on emotions, but guided by reason, quite coolly. You have a list on hand, where everything is already spelled out, and you just need to choose the right things. When you buy a thing, you are talking to yourself in your mind. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Where will I carry this thing?
– What sets can I make with her? How many? Will I be able to make at least 5 sets with her?
– How will this thing be combined with the things already in my wardrobe?
– Does this thing suit me in style, shape, color?
– Is this thing suitable for me in quality, i.e. Does the price match the quality?
– Is she pleasant to the body? Am I comfortable in it?
– Is this thing up to date?

And only after you have checked the item for compliance with your requirements, and decided that yes, this item suits you in all respects, you can safely buy it. It will become an investment in your wardrobe and will serve you for more than one season.

Save this article for yourself and refer to it as you put together your effective wardrobe. And let all the things in your closet give you the maximum number of combinations and bring you only positive emotions. And we wish you every success with your wardrobe.

The text was prepared by the stylist-image maker Olesya Galkina

Your efficient wardrobe
Your efficient wardrobe

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