Quarantine: what to go for a walk on the advice of Princess Anne

During self-isolation, it is important to go for walks to maintain a good mood and a clear mind. A couple of circles near the house or in a nearby park will only be beneficial. But don’t forget about distance, masks and sanitizers. And do not walk in the same thing that you wear at home – now it is not at all safe. For fashion inspiration, we suggest referring to archival footage of Princess Anne from the 1970s and 1980s.

The representative of the British royal family always found time for small walks. She loved to play with her dogs, walk with children Peter and Zara, or just go out to get some air alone. Her fashionable walking arsenal included quilted jackets, cozy plaid flannel shirts, bright turtlenecks, sky-colored sweaters and bell-bottomed jeans. In order not to freeze, the princess preferred to tie a scarf instead of a hat. Anna’s archival images look so modern and cool that I want to repeat them immediately.


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