Question of choice: what kind of brushes do you need for shadows?

When choosing eyeshadow brushes, it’s not enough just to look at the photo on the site. It is important to know which brush is needed for what. Read more in our article

Eyeshadow brushes play an important role in eye makeup. It is on them that the uniform application of shadows, competent shading and smooth soft transitions depend. Read our tips for choosing eye shadow brushes, as well as their description in this resource.

In order to find the best eyeshadow brushes, pay attention to their composition. It is preferable to choose brushes with natural bristles (from pony, goat, sable hair).

Natural bristle eyeshadow brushes are softer and last longer than synthetic bristles.

These brushes are best for blending shadows. And for application, you can use both synthetic and natural.

  • Main brush

The main eyeshadow brush is medium: less than a century, but slightly larger than a pinky. It is used to apply the base color of the eyeshadow to the entire area of ​​the eyelid.

  • Large flat brush

A similar brush is used to apply shadow to the moving eyelid.

  • Small flat brush

With its help, the outer corners of the eyes are drawn.

  • Pencil brush

It is needed to shade the pencil line and draw the space between the eyelashes.

  • Beveled flat brush

For shooters, you need not only well-set hands and a comfortable fresh eyeliner, but also a sloping flat brush: this way you will definitely draw the perfect ponytails.

  • Conical brush

To make the transition from one shadow color to another look harmonious, use a tapered feather brush. It comes in large and small sizes: choose depending on which transition you want to make (soft and long or sharp, respectively). A barrel brush is also suitable for this purpose.

Recall that it is not only a good choice of eyeshadow brushes that matters, but also regular and thorough care of them.

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