Quitting Sugar: An Unusual Food Experiment

If you at least once in your life wanted to get rid of the hated extra pounds, then you probably know what it is refusal of sugar… For some, it is easy, because the craving for sweets was not very strong. But true sweet tooths literally challenge themselves. True, not all of them are aware of the real reasons for their habit.

And they usually lie in psychological dependence and other more serious problems. The cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist Ev Khazina talks about this in great detail. A woman plunged into this topic headlong and, by her example, shows how refusal of sugar changed her life.

Refusal of sugar

Eating disorder (EE) is one of the main problems that Ev Khazina is studying. To delve deeper into this topic, she participates in her own experiments with food. For example, she once gave up meat and dairy products. And her last experience was giving up sugar. To begin with, she decided to limit herself to 1 month. What came of this?

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Changes have taken place both at the physiological and psychological levels. First, the woman began to sleep better. During the day she did not feel tired, but was, on the contrary, energetic. Secondly, her consciousness seemed to have cleared up, and it became much easier to concentrate attention.

But the most important discovery for Ev came later. She realized that she was addicted to sweets. Moreover, the psychologist compared sugar to a common pain reliever for humans. With the help of sweets, the woman suppressed her emotions from which she suffered. We are sure that this problem is familiar to many.

How to quit sugar

It was hard for the psychologist to give up sweets at one point. Moreover, difficulties arose in the physical plane. For several days she felt as if she was ill. Everything looked literally like “breaking”. This went on for 6 whole days, after which full enlightenment came.

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The woman was really afraid that she would break loose. Therefore, she motivated herself with educational films about the dangers of sugar, fueled her fighting spirit. And it worked! Ev calmly lasted a month, feeling on herself all the delights of life without sweets. After that, she decided to return sugar to her diet, but use it in dosage.

However, at some point, she realized that she was again seizing her problems with sweets, or, on the contrary, encouraging herself. In other words, the psychological addiction remained. Then the psychologist threw herself a new challenge: she decided to give up sugar for a whole year. The result pleasantly surprised her.

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Firstly, her craving for sweets, in principle, has disappeared, her taste preferences have changed. Secondly, she opened herself in a new way. The woman realized what problems were deep inside her. She suddenly realized how often she felt sorry for herself and was afraid of criticism. She used to eat all this with sweets.

In addition, fearing criticism from the outside, she constantly criticized herself. I always tried to be perfect, and when it didn’t work out, sugar came to the rescue. He also made a company when it seemed that no one could understand it. The woman closed herself in and filled her life with unnecessary empty activities.

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After giving up sweets, Ev’s life changed dramatically. She discovered new activities for herself, became more productive. Relations with her husband and children improved, they began to spend more time together. But the most important change is understanding the true cause of an eating disorder.

What is the cause of an eating disorder

It is not for nothing that they say that all the psychological problems of adults come from childhood. During the experiment with sugar, Ev Khazina remembered how she went to the ballet at the age of 4. She did not like the classes, because the teacher literally mocked the girl.

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A memory came to the woman’s memory in which the teacher kicks her out of the hall into the locker room. All alone she sits on a cold wooden bench and seizes her hurt and pain with glazed vanilla cheese. Ev is sure that this period was the starting point of a woman’s eating disorder.

Marathon Ev Treasure

Of course, Ev couldn’t help but share her experience with other people. When the psychologist realized that the topic was of great interest, she tried to launch a free marathon. Its essence was to give up sweets for 1 month. The woman did not expect that it would cause such a stir. As a result, 172 people supported her idea.

Ev did work on her own mistakes. Therefore, there were certain rules in her marathon. First of all, she taught the marathon participants that sweets should be given up gradually. Begin to carefully study the composition of food, replace sweets with natural sources of sugar.

Besides, you need incentive, motivation. The psychologist calls this desire, which is supported by will. It’s not enough just to want, where it is more important to train your willpower. Before you start doing anything, think about what awaits you as a result. It really helps.

For Ev Khazina, the refusal from sugar lasted for another 2 years. She continues to discover new facets of her own I, gets to know herself again. Moreover, such an unusual experiment with food changed her work. The psychologist began to interest her clients more, as if she had bare in front of them what she had previously hidden from herself. An incredible experience!

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Tell me, what is your relationship with sweet? Have you ever had to eat up your worries and problems? We know firsthand how relevant this topic is. Therefore, leave your comments, we will discuss it together!

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