Razor hair removal: the perfect trick that always works to protect your skin

Who has never had as like a burning sensation during or after a razor hair removal ? This beauty tip should help you regain comfort during your waxing session. Many brands on the market are trying to make this moment less “painful” for the skin. Thus, foams, creams and other products flourish in the bathroom. If some of these shaving treatments can help you bring comfort, there is a beauty trick that always works and leaves the soft and hydrated skin.

Hair removal: this simple trick that revolutionizes shaving

To allow the skin to retain its suppleness and smoothness even while shaving, then you just need to use … Oil ! Yes, you read that right, it’s the oil that can save you the day. How? ‘Or’ What ? Start by exfoliating your skin with a homemade scrub or from the store, to remove dead skin. Then, on wet skin, apply oil and massage your legs with. Then proceed to shaving. Preferably choose a razor with several blades for a precise result. Between two strokes of the razor, remember to rinse or wipe your tool so that the blades are not “full” of oil and hair. Why choose oil? Beautician and skincare expert Stephanie Smith told the magazine Hello Giggles, that the oil has a considerable advantage over shaving creams : “The great thing is that as soon as you are done shaving, the skin protection barrier is protected. You are not going to remove the natural oil from the skin, which will already be hydrated. “ In addition, the oil is an ideal product for nourish the skin after shaving (and everyday too), because it is natural and does not risk irritating the skin. We love ! Are you going to test this beauty trick?



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