Red down jacket, like Princess Diana’s, is what you need in cold weather

The question of what to wear in the cold, Princess Diana found the answer back in the 1980s. Her faithful friend, a red down jacket, kept Lady Dee warm both in town and on the ski slope. Bulky, as if from a man’s shoulder, and certainly scarlet – in the mid-1980s, the princess wore it with a white turtleneck and complemented the sports set with elegant gold earrings. In such a jacket, Diana not only skied, but also rode her little prince Harry on a pony. A red down jacket was the staple of her winter wardrobe.

Princess Diana, 1980s

Prince Harry and Princess Diana, 1980s

In the 1990s, the princess continued to wear a scarlet jacket. The most fashionable set that you can repeat right now and be cool is a flat visor cap, plain leggings and brown chelsea boots. For example, Kate Middleton often quotes the famous images of the legendary princess, and the recognizable tandem of a scarlet winter jacket with sports tights was no exception. Take it on a pencil and you, and look for the most fashionable red down jackets in our gallery.

Princess Diana, 1990s

Acne Studios, 76,550 rubles,

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Balenciaga, 154,500 rubles,

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Woolrich, 51500 rubles,

Vetements, 163,000 rubles,

Givenchy, 138,000 rubles,

Kate Middleton, 2017

Princess Diana with Princes William and Harry

Kate Middleton, 2019

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