Red eye makeup and red shades

Red eyeshadows are rarely found in a cosmetic bag: few people know how to handle them so that their eyes do not look tired and tear-stained. We tell you how to avoid it

With the help of red, you can get a spectacular eye makeup. At the same time, if you take on its creation without theoretical training, the result can disappoint both you and those around you. Remember our tips.

  • Skin preparation

We are talking not only about the skin of the eyelids, but also about the skin of the face in general. If the skin tone is uneven, with redness, then color correction with primer and concealers (in particular, green – this color will neutralize red) will be required. Plus, remember that healthy skin is radiant skin, so use either a radiant foundation or a highlighter.

It is better not to experiment with red shades if you worked until late at night and slept for only a couple of hours. When your eyes are red from fatigue and lack of sleep, you should choose a completely different color scheme for makeup. If there are no problems with sleep, but there are still bruises under the eyes, do not be lazy to treat the area around the eyes – the skin should look even better here than on the rest of the face. Cover up any imperfections with concealer and add some shine to the inner corner of the eye using a highlighter for a fresh, invigorated look.

  • Correct shade

For a successful make-up, you need to choose the right shade of red. It all depends on how daring you are ready to try on. If extraordinary solutions are not intimidating, even the brightest red will do. It is perfect for graphic eye makeup options. If you just want an unusual version of your everyday makeup, choose either bronze or copper shades: the product should have a texture with a metallic sheen. You can also complement the red with other shades for a softer result.

  • Harmonious addition

What does red eye shadow work best with? Makeup artists recommend using them along with dark gray, plum and brown shades. Highlight the eye contour with “auxiliary” colors, and apply red around it – with a translucent layer, with good shading. Also, combinations of red with color helpers are perfect for smoky eyes.

  • Graphics and minimalism

Pure red with a matte texture is best for thin arrows for cat eye makeup or thick arrows all over the eyelid with graphic outlines. But, choosing this option for eye makeup, it is better to refuse other accents. But a translucent reddish haze on the eyelids can be combined with red lipstick, but only in an evening look.

  • Lifting effect

Make-up artists advise to “stretch” the shadows on the eyelid beyond the outer corner of the eyes, directing the shading up to the “tail” of the eyebrows. In short, the cat eye shape is the most suitable for red smoky eyes. It allows you to “lift” the facial features, providing a slight lifting effect.

  • Dangerous blush

Red is not only suitable for lip and eye makeup. It also creates a blush on the cheeks. But, when using this color, it should be remembered that such blush should not be applied close to the eyes – on the top of the cheekbone. Otherwise, a painful and tired look is guaranteed to you.


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